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Maharishi Universityof Management

Aditi Gentsch

aditi-crop2“Instead of molding myself into a major, I wanted to create a major that expresses who I am.” – Aditi Gentsch

Individualized Major in Consciousness-Based Business and Media:

Aditi Gentsch began growing herbs and making herbal salves during her childhood in Fairfield.

Aditi Botanicals Booth at the Fairfield Farmer's Market (1)She first used them to treat the horses on her family’s farm. But soon friends were making requests for different ointments, and she expanded into skin care products. This year she is celebrating the 20th anniversary of Aditi Botanicals, her organic skin care line.

Aditi learned the Transcendental Meditation® technique as a child and attended Maharishi School. At age 15 she moved to California, where she enrolled in aviation school and became a pilot. Then in 2010 she moved back to Fairfield to participate in the an extended meditation retreat. After an incredible three years on this retreat, she enrolled at MUM.

Aditi has been taking business, writing, and media classes, and everything she learns she applies to support her skin care business. She has designed an iPhone app, written a promotional e-book, designed a website, and created a blog.

“It’s not only fulfilling to learn things that are useful, it’s also fulfilling to see my business grow month by month because of what I have been learning here,” said Aditi. To further customize her education to fit her needs, Aditi designed an individual major in Consciousness-Based business and media.

“Aditi is a creative, imaginative individual who brings all her skills and talents to any project she works on, whether producing herbal products, copywriting, photography, or assisting with publications,” said Dara Llewellyn, associate professor of literature and writing.

Aditi flying with her dad and MUM alumni Chris Gentsch in Maui Hawaii (1)

Aditi flying with her dad, MUM alumnus Chris Gentsch, in Maui, Hawaii





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