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Maharishi Universityof Management

MUM Hawaii Program

Cultivating purpose & sustainability

At MUM, we believe that global change happens only when we understand the connection between nature and ourselves. This off-campus program is designed for students who want to develop a deeper understanding of themselves, others, and their relationships with the environment.


MUM Hawaii’s Laboratory for Deep Sustainability and Transformative Leadership is based at the Kohala Institute on Big Island, Hawaii. Our robust learning community consists of people concerned with the relationships between self, culture, social systems, and nature. Together, we’ll uncover our unique places in an evolving world.

This program is for students who want:

  • A change from their current college campus while earning college credit in an exotic location
  • To cultivate a deep relationship with Hawaii’s lands, people, and culture
  • To spend a month and a half abroad with a “cohort” of like-minded individuals
  • To explore their inner selves and the all-encompassing nature of life

Why Hawaii?

The Hawaiian Islands are the most geographically remote inhabited place on the planet. Issues such as soil fertility, energy, transportation, urban planning, employment, inequity, and water are day-to-day realities here.

Hawaiian people have created a renaissance in ancient cultural values in their search for solutions to these issues. We’ll explore how Hawaiian people are reinventing traditional technologies like Hawaiian music and craft, spiritual practices, systems of health care, conflict resolution, aquaculture and agricultural systems, and land management to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Hawaii has a diversity of ecological zones, from 15,000-foot-high peaks to deserts and rainforests, all within just a few short miles. It’s a unique place to explore the biological, geological, cultural, and social systems of our living planet up close.

Of course, preparedness is all too important when going on any adventure, so see our trip checklist to learn what to bring along with you.

Learn from sustainability and leadership experts

You’ll learn about deep sustainability and transformative leadership practices such as permaculture, medicinal herbal preparations, and bee-keeping from a range of experts and leaders within the field, including:

  • Lonnie Gamble; MUM Hawaii Program Director
  • Dr. Devon Almond; MUM Hawaii Academic Director
  • Dr. Craig Pearson; MUM Vice-President of Academic Affairs
  • Dr. Keith Wallace; MUM Chair of Physiology and Health Department
  • Nynke Passi; MUM Assistant Professor of Literature and Writing
  • Dr. John Ikerd; Professor Emeritus, University of Missouri-Columbia
  • Dr. Marie Ahoahini Brown; University of Hawai’i Manoa
  • Dr. Ashley Lukens; Hawaii Center for Food Safety
  • Tracy Matfin; La’akea Community

Tap into your creative potential and create change

Do you have creative ideas that you want express more easily? In this program, all students learn the Transcendental Meditation® (TM) technique. Backed up by decades of scientific research, the TM technique has been shown to enhance brain functioning and relieve stress; helping you to make your world-changing ideas a reality.

MUM Hawaii campus

MUM Hawaii’s Laboratory for Deep Sustainability and Transformative Leadership is based at the Kohala Institute on Big Island, Hawaii, near Kapa’au and Hawi. The recently renovated historic facilities are located on 2400 acres of land owned by the Kohala Institute, the site of the ancient Hawaiian village (ahupua’a) of I’ole and the Bond Historic District — which includes the Bond Homestead, Kohala Girls’ School, and Kalahikiola Church.

A key component of our Hawaii campus is the GRACE Center; an innovative education and meeting center built within the historic Kohala Girls’ School featuring state-of-the-art distance learning technology enabling collaboration with educational institutions and organizations around the nation. It includes dormitory student housing and 10 cabins. It’s an ideal facility for community events, meetings, summits, conferences and educational classes. The facility will open in 2017.

Courses included:

Mauo, the Hawaiian word for sustainability meaning “perpetual well-being” is the lens through which this course explores transformative leadership and deep sustainability. Through this lens, we explore the perpetual well-being that facilitates the growth of personal, cultural, social, and planetary life. The course cultivates an awareness of the leading-edge cultural worldview necessary for flourishing in the 21st century and beyond.

Students live and learn how, in this evolutionary age, individual mindsets facilitate intercultural development and planetary flourishing. In addition to place-based learning, class-based learning, and self-inquiry, the course includes experiential field visits to sustainability and cultural practitioners across Big Island, Hawaii. Students visit an intentional community, are oriented to Hawaiian cultures and sustainability, receive training in interpersonal communication, conduct service work with native Hawaiian non-profit organizations, and plant sandalwood trees to offset our carbon footprints.

This course sets the stage for students to develop into globally-aware citizens with the mindsets, lenses, and skills to address the challenges and assure the flourishing of individuals, organizations, and communities. Topics include interpersonal communications, adult development, community development, organization development, integral theory, deep sustainability, and transformative leadership.

Dates: Jan 15 – 27, 2018
Credits: 2
Fee: none

Professor: Dr. Devon Almond with guest faculty

This course aims to uncover student’s unique places in an evolving world. With the understanding that 21 st century leadership firstly involves managing personal energies and becoming a more integrated person, in which we become more of who we already are, we explore an ecology of leadership for life-work. We learn how the leading-edge of work in the 19 th century were jobs disconcerting of the planet; the leading-edge of work in 20 th century were careers with minimal consideration of the planet; and, now in the 21st century, the leading-edge of our service in the world is a uniquely connective life-work that integrates leadership, sustainability, community, and consciousness. Held in the vibrant, life-affirming personal, cultural, social, and planetary context of rural Hawaii, students explore unique strengths, passions, and life directions in service of a deeply sustainable, evolving world. Experiential learning through service work and field visits with local practitioners provide models for life possibilities. The course also utilizes guest faculty who facilitate a Transcendental Meditation rounding course and self-development course based on The Artist’s Way text. Topics include personal strengths/typologies, multiple intelligences, perspective-taking, systems thinking, sustainable living, 21 st century leadership, world wisdom, perennial philosophy, positive psychology, and self-narratives.

Dates: Jan 30 – Feb 23, 2018
Credits: 4
Fee: none

Professor: Dr. Devon Almond with guest faculty

Students will have the opportunity to apply their skills and knowledge related to sustainability in real-world situations while earning academic credit. Up to 16 credits of internship can be applied towards the degree. Four credits are required. (4 credits) Prerequisites: consent of the Sustainable Living department and Academic Standards Committee


No additional tuition or program costs

MUM students on this program only pay standard tuition and room & board. The only additional costs are your airfare / transportation, and financial aid may help cover these costs.

How do I apply for the Hawaii program?

  1. You can apply for the Hawaii program once you’ve been accepted to MUM.
  2. Contact Devon Almond, Academic Director, at or 808-854-9652 to discuss program information.
  3. For enrolled students: consult with your MUM academic adviser for approval.
  4. Consult with MUM financial aid counselor for info on financial aid for your travel expenses. Note that there are no additional program costs. Contact or 641-472-1156.
  5. Apply to the Hawaii program using online application link from the Academic Program Director, Dr. Devon Almond.
  1. Students from other universities: contact Dr. Devon Almond at or 808-854-9652 to discuss program information.
  2. Apply to the Hawaii program using the Non-degree Guest student application link provided by Devon.

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