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Maharishi Universityof Management

Gift Annuity


A superior risk-free return on your savings

MUM’s gift annuities are fully guaranteed by major insurance companies rated “Superior” by A.M. Best, including:

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CompareAnnual return on investmentGuaranteed quarterly paymentsGuarantor's financial strength rating of SUPERIORTax-free income and deductionSupports MUM expansion
MUM Gift Annuity14.70%yesyesyesyes
Five year Jumbo CD20.86%nosomenono
Five year T-bond31.66%noyesnono


  1. Return for person age 65 on a single-life annuity. Rates range from 3-9% depending on age and whether for one or two people.
  2. Source: Bankrate, US national average, 11/15/16.
  3. Source: Bankrate, 11/15/16.

How it works:

  • You make a donation for an annuity (min. $20,000)
  • You receive quarterly and annuity payments at a rate much higher than other secure investments such as CDs and treasury bonds
  • Payments continued throughout your lifetime – and if applicable, your spouses as well
  • Your income is fully guaranteed by a top-rated insurance company
  • You receive major tax benefits
  • A major portion of your annuity income is tax-free

To get started:

See our user friendly Gift Annuity calculator page:


For more details:

Contact Nick Rosania at 641-472-1180, or send an email to



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