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Our Graduates

Our graduates have experienced personal and professional success in a variety of fields after leaving our program:

  • Alan Rhoads graduated in 2015 with an MA in Education with a concentration in Educational Innovation. After graduation he joined Teach for America, and is teaching in a middle school in Philadelphia while he pursues a Master of Science degree in Urban Education at University of Pennsylvania.
  • Lindsay Taylor graduated with a BA in Educational Foundations in 2015, and is currently working in the Admissions office at the University. She has been accepted in the part-time MBA program offered by the MUM College of Business Administration.
  • Lucia Gracia completed her student teaching in Florida, and is now teaching writing in the second through fourth grades at the One Room Schoolhouse charter school in Gainesville. She graduated with a BA in Elementary Education in 2014.
  • Arianna Walden graduated with a BA in Educational Foundations in 2014. She is currently the Assistant Graduation Director at the University, and is completing an online Master’s degree in Teaching English Language Learners.
  • Michelle Svenson graduated with a BA in Elementary Education in 2014, and is a lead teacher in the Montessori-based preschool at Maharishi School in Fairfield for half the day while teaching Kindergarten the other half of the day.Mrs. Svenson’s professional portfolio can be found here.”
  • Sandra Gaviria Monsalve gained a Master’s degree in Education in 2012 with a specialization in Educational Innovation. As part of her Master’s degree she developed an original plan for teaching second language acquisition to emergent adults (ages 21-26), using 21st-century skills and technology to enrich the learning environment. She is now teaching in the evening and weekend learning program at Universidad EAFIT in Medellin, Colombia, where she has designed a new approach for connecting classroom practices with assessment.
  • Malinda Gosvig gained a Master’s degree in Education in 2012, with a specialization in Secondary Teaching. She completed her Master of Fine Arts in creative writing from the University of Minnesota in 2015 and now teaches writing in the Media and Communications department of MUM.
  • Hillary Swanson gained her Master of Arts in Teaching at MUM in 2006 and then went on to teach at the High Tech High Schools in San Francisco and San Diego, California. She is currently a graduate student at University of California, Berkeley, pursuing a combined graduate degree in physics and science education.
  • Ashutosh Kumar teaches physics at Central High School in Omaha, Nebraska, and is also a trained International Baccalaureate teacher. He graduated with his Master of Arts in Teaching degree in 2006.
  • Richard Incorvia taught English at Van Buren High School in Keosauqua, Iowa, after graduating with his Master of Arts in Teaching in 2005, then secured a position at Maharishi School in Fairfield. He has developed an innovative middle school curriculum that integrates social studies and literature with science and mathematics. You can visit his professional website here.
  • Kush Passi received a BA in Mathematics and a Master of Arts in Teaching from MUM He has been teaching mathematics at Washington Junior High School in Washington, Iowa, since 2004.
  • Greg Holland received a BA in Secondary Education and a BFA in painting from MUM in 2002. He began his teaching career at Fairfield Middle School in Fairfield, Iowa, and later taught photography at Maharishi School. He is currently teaching art at Timberlake High School in Wentzville, Missouri. His professional art website is here.
  • Gwen Marcellis received a BA in Art as well as Elementary and Secondary Education from MUM in 2001. She began her teaching career as a third grade teacher, then switched to middle school art. She is currently the middle school art specialist at Evans Middle School in Ottumwa, Iowa.
Ned Roberts

Position: Human Resources Management Consultant

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Tom Morgan

Great Trainer of the Year Award, 2008, IOR Global Services

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