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MUM Education Students

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Alexandra Warwick

"My favorite thing about the Education program is the close relationships between the students and faculty"

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Patrick Taylor

"I've absolutely gone through a period of tremendous growth in my time in the Education Department."

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Taniya Handapangoda

"I feel like I have friends from all over the world now."

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Logan Cohen

"Education that helps me focus on growing as a everything I could ask for in a school."

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Sorcha Lenagh-Selby

"To be able to dive within at the end of the day and really very, very helpful."

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Chas Zachar

"I've loved every class I've taken...and couldn't ask for a better experience at MUM."

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Alan Rhoads

"All the individuals here are here to become the best they can express themselves, to grow, to evolve."

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Brendan Reape

"I'm really interested in the future of education, and I think meditation and TM definitely have a place in that."


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