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The MUM Difference


One has many choices about where to learn to teach or to further one’s career as an educator. Why choose Maharishi University of Management? What is the added value of our programs?

Investing in your own development

At any institution that trains educators, one will be learning knowledge and skills relevant to a profession. At MUM, however, during the time one spends in the program, one is also on the “MUM routine,” eating pure food, taking time to practice the Transcendental Meditation program, getting adequate rest at night, and focusing daily on one’s own rapid, holistic development. To be a good educator, one has to have the knowledge and skills of the profession; to be a great educator one must also develop to the maximum one’s own creativity, clarity of thinking, health, and vitality.

Gaining Self-Knowledge, the foundation of education

At most institutions critical thinking and creative problem solving stand at the apex of educational goals. At MUM, self-knowledge is considered the foundation of knowledge and apex of educational goals, and all strategies of teaching and learning are oriented toward this goal.

Principles of Consciousness-Based Education

At many institutions, when one learns to teach one learns strategies that are based on modern social science or on evidence-based best practice. At MUM you learn contemporary best practices together with Consciousness-Based teaching strategies, developed over the last thirty years by educators working with the University’s founder, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. These Consciousness-Based strategies promote not only learning in the short term, but rapid and balanced development in the long run—growth of consciousness.

Excellent field experience

Secondary education students can experience both the area’s excellent public schools and the University’s K–12 laboratory school, which serves as a model of Consciousness-Based education for other schools around the world.  Student teachers have the option of a placement in the University’s laboratory school, a local secondary school, a school out of state or a school in another country.

A warm and vital academic environment

Every academic community is a lively forum for discussion and analysis of ideas, but at MUM the warmth of the people, combined with the liveliness of the intellects at the University, creates a very vital academic environment focused on the great ideas of education—living fullness of life for every individual and unlimited progress for society.


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