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Maharishi Universityof Management


The MUM Department of Education was one of the original departments created when the University was originally founded in 1971. It first offered a Master’s Degree program and later added an undergraduate major. It was first approved by the Iowa Department of Education to offer programs leading to an Iowa license in 1981, starting with English and science.

Over the years it has expanded to offer both undergraduate and graduate programs and has been largely focused on teacher preparation until the offering in 2011 of a new Master’s Degree with a specialization in Educational Innovation, which incorporates all of the previous teacher preparation programs, but adds to these the non-licensure programs in educational innovation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to prepare Consciousness-Based℠ educators who can teach anything to anyone. A Consciousness-Based educator is capable of connecting whatever he or she teaches to the Self of the student. He or she can make the difficult easy and make any topic a means of self-development for the student.

In addition, our emphasis on educational innovation is to create a new generation of educators who are familiar with the range of educational innovations that are available today. Graduates of the program are introduced to this range of innovations and the evidence for each. They learn either to demonstrate the use of these innovations in their own teaching or to help others in applying them in the promotion of students’ long-term growth and fulfillment.


The program’s mission is also expressed in four related goals:

  • Promote the personal growth of its students toward advanced levels of adult development.
  • Prepare students with the general learning skills and knowledge necessary to be citizens of our modern age.
  • Engender the knowledge and skills necessary for teaching, with a special focus on teaching one’s own subject field.
  • Help each student grasp the relationship between the underlying field of consciousness and all branches of the field of education.

We aim to develop a holistic perspective which allows each student to see the connections between all aspects of education and themselves.

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