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Education Department

The education department at MUM aims to address a deep and widespread problem in education: that education does not engage and motivate students because it does not connect to their inner lives. The solution that we offer is an approach to education whereby students first gain knowledge of consciousness, and then learn all subjects in connection with that. Through this approach, all learning can be seen as related to oneself and as a result becomes meaningful, useful, and life-supporting.

This central aim is achieved through four themes: Challenge, Consciousness, Creativity, and Community


Students master standards in fourteen areas, including historical and philosophical foundations, learning theory, classroom management, assessment, curriculum development, teaching methods, student differences, and effective communication.


Through their coursework and associated practicums, students learn the principles and practices of Consciousness-Based Education, a rich and systematic approach that connects all teaching and learning to the students’ full development of consciousness.


Students learn creative and innovative practices in schools and classrooms that can be integrated with Consciousness-Based Education to create new and better schools.


When students come to MUM they enter a community of growth-oriented individuals strongly focused on progress.