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As part of the Real Talk Series, in which students suggest solutions, the dining hall has implemented a number of changes.

More spices are now being used and bottles of hot sauce are now available to diners. Homemade sauces to supplement flavor are also being created. And a rotation of differently spiced dhal is being developed.

Food service will also now be offering a vegetable dish every day, and for greater variety will increase the menu rotation from three weeks to five weeks.

Gluten-free menu items will now be labeled. And a more efficient way to bus dishes and trays is being developed.

“We enjoyed hearing solutions from the students at the Real Talk event,” wrote Amellia Hesse in the Student Life Department newsletter. “On the whole we have been getting more positive feedback about the food from students.”

Jim Karpen

Jim Karpen Dr. Karpen is a writer by trade, with a special focus on technology. He has a Ph.D. in English and studied the impact of the computerization of language. In addition to writing for iPhone Life magazine, he has also been writing a column about the Internet for the Iowa Source since 1994. He also edits and publishes the MUM Review.

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