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Consciousness-Based Film Education

David Lynch MA in Film

“Meditate and Create!”

- David Lynch
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“This master’s degree in film teaches all the aspects of filmmaking, but with the profound addition of Transcendental Meditation® as taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

This gives those in the program the ability to dive within—to transcend and experience that unbounded ocean of pure consciousness which is unbounded intelligence, creativity, happiness, love, energy, power, and peace.

The students in this program grow in these all-positive qualities, and it serves the work in glorious ways. The big secret to great filmmaking, I believe, lies within in the big treasury within us all. This is a truly great program.”

David Lynch
David Lynch

Now accepting applications for the February 2016 entry!


Creative Growth and Real-World Experience

The David Lynch Masters in Film program is the first and only Consciousness-Based film education available anywhere. Students learn about deep story and the entire process of filmmaking—from a real-world perspective—while developing their creative potential. The source of creativity within is directly accessed and experienced through daily individual and group practice of the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique.

*As seen in the clip above, each class meets with David once during a visit to Los Angeles before graduation.

Six ways we’re different

1. Consciousness-Based℠ Education

Dive into the ocean of pure consciousness – the source of all creativity.

2. “Big Fish” Process

Take your idea from the initial sparkling moment of cognition all the way to completion.

3. Midwest Creative Capitol

Join world-class artists, producers, entrepreneurs and philanthropists in a distraction-free, highly focused environment.

4. Visionary Filmmaking

Realize your vision in silence and with clarity. Develop a project with impact.

5. Collaborative Studio Atmosphere

Team up in our friendly, low stress environment…a naturally collaborative atmosphere.

6. Real-World Experience

Complete a professional-level project, uniquely qualifying you for industry opportunities.

Photo Credits:
Main Lynch Photo – Adam Bordow
Scholarship Competition Photo – Film: Kennedy Hill, Cinematographer: John Houghton
Web Series Track Photo – Mel Sauerbeck

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