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Maharishi Universityof Management

Career Services at MUM

At MUM, students learn to manage themselves effectively so they can thrive in the working world. Students access leading-edge career preparatory services and support which include:

  • Immersive Career Strategies Course: a required course that includes career assessments, mentoring, and training in all aspects of job search, strategy, and use of resources
  • Career Center: includes one-on-one coaching, ongoing support, career tools, networking, internship and job boards, alumni access, resume help, online resources, and assistance applying to graduate school or starting a business
  • “Personal Success Plan”: career experts assist students in creating a career strategy in their first year and thereafter, refining it to match skills, aspirations, and opportunities
  • Ongoing Career Preparation Activities: Career Excellence Lecture Series with distinguished alumni, local career fairs, student clubs and special events with Q&A opportunities
  • Career Workshops: management courses sponsored by academic departments, focusing on professional practices such as entrepreneurship, interviewing, writing, speaking, and more
Global networking due to graduating from a small, highly diverse student body where harmony and friendliness prevail.
Ongoing practice of the Transcendental Meditation® technique for reduced stress and increased creativity, intelligence, learning ability, and self-esteem. MUM students develop healthy habits as a foundation for long-term success.
Access to the global network of the TM® organization, its alumni, including its numerous renowned entrepreneurs and professionals.
Life in Fairfield, a friendly community of 9,000 and a hub of creativity and innovation, voted #7 in Best Small American Towns to Visit in 2013 by Smithsonian Magazine. Fairfield won Entrepreneurial Community of the Year by the State of Iowa and is the 5th largest market for organic food in America, home to dozens of organic farms.


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