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IT Education Online

Higher education system is in a bit of a crisis. Tuition costs are rising, and access to IT education is falling. Student debt in the US has crossed the $1 trillion level, and is unsustainable. College degrees are not offering the kind of jobs and salaries that would provide adequate financial returns on the college tuition. On the other hand, Internet is making content available for free, and immediately. As a result, the traditional campus-based high-tuition university education model is ripe for disruption by online education.

Online education helps lower the cost and increase access, without lowering the quality of the learning experience. New online education companies like Coursera, Udacity and EdX are now offering for free on the internet, quality courses, including IT education, using top professors. Online education using helps unbundle the activities and services that traditional universities provide: (a) Knowledge and course construction, (b) delivery of course curriculum, and (c) evaluation of student learning and certification of results. Formal certifications are expected to be available for a low price.

Many private universities have been offering online Information Technology education to working professionals for at least a couple of decades. Even though some of the for-profit universities have recently come in for criticism from the Federal government for their business practices, and for setting inflated expectations of jobs and salaries at the end of their degrees, the concept of online delivery of education has been proven. However, online IT education requires that the students be highly motivated to complete their work.

With internet having reached saturation levels in the US (~80%), it is easy for adults to tap into education content from homes and offices, especially when the price is right (free!). The internet penetration is lower in the rest of the world (~35%) and is likely to reach the same saturation levels by about 2020. Thus online IT education is certainly expected to grow.

Maharishi University of Management offers many online courses. The new MIS graduate certificate program is a fully online IT education program ( designed for working professionals around the world who wish to obtain advanced IT education to become Global IT executives, without leaving their current jobs or their town. This program will deliver a unique mix of MIS knowledge and the principles of Consciousness based Education (CBE). The key element of Conscious-based education is that the students learn Transcendental Meditation (TM) and practice it regularly. Practicing TM helps develop the consciousness of the student, and removes the stress and helps calm the mind leading to more effective learning experience.

anil300x300About the Author

Dr. Anil Maheshwari is an Associate Professor of Management Information Systems at MUM. He directs the new MIS Graduate Certificate program at MUM. He completed his PhD in MIS from Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH. He has taught MIS at many universities, including 3 years at the City University of New York. He also brings 20 years of rich IT industry experience including 9 years at IBM and a few years at fast-paced start-ups. Among other adventures, he successfully ran a marathon.

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