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Emmanuel Titus

Emmanuel Titus
  • Owner, Sigma Financial Consulting, Inc.
  • Board Member: Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment
  • MUM Degrees: BA, Business, 1995; MBA, Business (Focus: Finance), 1996

Emmanuel Titus, an Expert in High-Net-Worth Wealth Management

An experienced financial manager, Emmanuel Titus spends his workdays administering a high-net-worth family estate, a job which involves handling a vast amount of details to ensure that his client’s financial matters are compliant, profitable, organized, and adapted to today’s ever-changing financial, tax and legal environments. His main focus is on investment management, estate planning, and reporting for his client’s many partnerships, trusts and foundations.

Following his graduation from MUM with a BA in Business (1995) and an MBA (1996), Emmanuel began work as a consultant in Fairfield (home of MUM), assisting startups and midsized companies with business plans and financial and tax matters. In 1998, he took on a more exclusive role managing and administering a single client family’s estate and its extensive investment portfolio.

“I enjoy the challenge of figuring out how to most effectively adapt and evolve as the market changes,” says Emmanuel, who must constantly reassess how to best manage the estate.

“The larger the estate the more complex it is,” he says. “Currently we manage over 50 investment partnerships. That’s a lot to administer, review, report, and follow up on. So we have to keep up with new policies in estate planning, create strategies and perform ongoing due diligence to diversify the portfolio, assess tax ramifications, and keep up to speed on what strategies will work best from a risk-reward standpoint.”

Emmanuel and wife Caty, with children (left to right), Chosie, Chaysten and Davin

Emmanuel and wife Caty, with children (left to right), Chosie, Chaysten and Davin

For the last five years, Emmanuel has also been providing financial advice to the Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment, a K-12 school, as an elected member of the board of directors.

A Better Way than ‘Fear and Greed’

MUM’s Consciousness-Based Education? approach gave him a leg up in the financial services field, says Emmanuel — as did the flexibility he found in MUM’s business department, which helped him to become a Certified Management Accountant, or CMA.

“I did directed studies focused on the CMA track,” he says. “The department helped me tremendously. Getting the professional certification [CMA] gave me an edge. On the personal side of things, MUM gives you a strong foundation in personal growth and development. That’s a very powerful asset that helps you gain the confidence to go out and explore a business career. I benefited tremendously from it.”

Emmanuel sees MUM’s more profound educational approach as providing practical and tangible career and life advantages.

“A lot of what goes on in the stock market, for example, is driven by fear and greed,” he says. “It can be very easy to let your life be ruled by negative thoughts. MUM’s programs, and especially the practice of Transcendental Meditation®, give you the tools you need to maintain a level of peace and equilibrium to deal with challenges and to adapt and make good decisions. Whether it’s in business or personal relationships — like with your spouse and kids or your friends — that is very practical and effective. Incorporating all that gave me a strong foundation for a successful life.”

Emmanuel grew up in Paris and Marseilles, with an Indian father who had immigrated to France from Pondicherry, India and a French mother. Emmanuel came to the U.S. in 1991 to attend MUM. He met his wife, Caty, also an MUM alum, on campus at MUM. Their three children all attend the Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment.

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