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Marina McKay Discusses Her Growth as a Filmmaker: “I Feel Really Good About Who I’ve Become”

Marina McKay sums up her experience as a Media and Communications film major in one word: revealing.

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Conner Carey and The Poetry of Community

Conner Carey, a recent graduate of Maharishi University of Management’s (MUM) English and Creative Writing Program, shares her opinions on college, life, writing, and SEO.

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Tom Todoroff Workshop Inspires Fairfield Actors

There are three rules at a Todoroff workshop; don’t leave the room while he’s working with an actor, don’t use your cell phone, and have fun. “And don’t forget to take notes,” he advised, “I’ll tell you when to write things down.”

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New Sound Studio Available in Verrill Hall

A new sound studio has recently been completed in Verrill Hall and was used in the January block by students in the Sound Design for Media course.

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Media & Comm People Gather for First MC Day

On March 2 the Media & Communications (MC) department held the first in a series of monthly “MC Days” — faculty workshops and presentations aimed at bringing students, staff and faculty together to network and share professional expertise.  The idea was sparked by feedback from current MC students who expressed interest in more faculty talks and increased opportunities to work with both peers and faculty mentors.

The first MC Day featured a presentation from instructor Amine Kouider on the process of bringing his upcoming album together, including his experience running a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds...

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MUM Opens New Music Studio on Campus

Big news for music and film students — we now have a sound studio on campus! Nestled in Verrill Hall, where our two film studios are located, the music studio is a welcome addition to campus, giving MUM students yet another dedicated space to create. Media & Communications instructor Cody Olivas gives us the details on the new studio and what it offers students.


Brianna – Tell me a bit about the new music studio. What equipment is there and what types of projects are students now able...

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Should my story be made into a film or a video game? [Professional Tips]

Last fall, Media & Communications instructor Cullen Thomas gave a lecture titled Cave Paintings and Video Games (read the recap here).  He touched on the differences between films and video games, and the creative processes behind them.  Cullen emphasized that when creating a story it’s important to use the right medium when no other medium can be used.  “Some stories have to be novels, some stories have to be films,” he said.   But how do you know what the right medium is for your story?...

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MC Senior Talks Working with the DLMA, The Love Doc, and Finding Your Passion

Laura Muzzarelli is a Media and Communications senior, set to graduate later this month. She’s been at MUM for two and a half years, and much of her time has been spent taking film courses and helping with the David Lynch Masters in Film students’ projects.

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Owen Blake: Teaching TM to Children and Video Gamers

Owen Blake grew up in Fairfield and attended Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment for grades 8-12. Although several universities offered him basketball scholarships, he decided to enroll at MUM and continue with Consciousness-Based education. He graduated with a BA in Media and Communications in 2012 and then stayed at MUM to work in Admissions for a year.

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Faculty Lecture: Cave Paintings and Video Games, by Cullen Thomas

“It started with nothing.  Literally nothing.”

Last week’s lecture, titled “Cave Paintings and Video Games,” featured Media and Communications instructor Cullen Thomas sharing his experience with his latest project: creating his first video game.  Known as a filmmaker and writer, Cullen has been working on this project for the last three years, during which he has learned about the art and physics needed to create a virtual world from scratch.

He explained the initial process: “We had to learn the math behind light in order to create light in...

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