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New Publication Explores Neural Correlates of Doshas

A new paper by faculty researchers Fred Travis and Keith Wallace published in the Journal of Ayurveda & Integrative Medicine lays out the possible areas of the brain that are associated with each of the three doshas: basic body types described by Maharishi AyurVeda that are fundamental to mind, behavior, physiological function — and health and well-being.

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AyurVeda Student Angela Seng On Physiology and Health Experience

Angela Kristine Seng is one of the department of Physiology and Health’s star students here at MUM. She is a talented Maharishi AyurVeda specialist and researcher that is close to graduating and moving on to even greater achievements. As everyone on campus was preparing for some well-deserved time off during winter break I was able to sit down with Angela for a little while to learn more about her experience in the Maharishi AyurVeda Wellness Consultant track and at MUM in general:

What got you interested in going...

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MUM Student Software Competition to Promote Maharishi AyurVeda

Computer science students will have the opportunity to win significant cash prizes by participating in a competition over winter break that will entail creating new tools such as smartphone apps for promoting Maharishi AyurVeda worldwide.

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VIDEO: Dr. Robert Schneider Discusses AyurVeda and Vedic Psychiatry

Dr. Robert Schneider is the Director of the Institute for Natural Medicine and Prevention, the Dean of the Maharishi College of Perfect Health, and the Director of the MUM Physiology and Health department’s MS in Integrative Medicine, which has recently partnered with St. Martinus University in Curaçao to deliver a dual MD MS degree program for aspiring doctors in integrative medicine.

Dr. Schneider recently gave a public lecture in MUM’s Dalby Hall, entitled: Towards a Model of Vedic Psychiatry: A Whole Systems Approach Based on Principles of Maharishi...

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Dr. Schneider Addresses Holistic Medicine Doctors

Doctors wanting to learn more about treating the body by managing the brain recently had the opportunity to hear a talk by Robert Schneider, MD, FACC, dean of the Maharishi College of Perfect Health.

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Amrita Shrivastava: Validating Ayurveda Through Modern Science

 Although Amrita Shrivastava grew up in India, she never studied Ayurveda, nor did she believe in its efficacy. Instead, she studied medical science. First she received a bachelor’s degree in medical biotechnology, then a master’s in molecular biology and human genetics.

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Percilla Herrera: Women, Consciousness, and Health

Growing up in Los Angeles, Percilla Herrera observed women around her and desired to help them grow healthier and happier. But it wasn’t until she came to MUM that she realized she could have a career doing just that.

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Professional Tennis Player Studies Maharishi AyurVeda

Rudy Richter is a professional tennis player from Guatemala with a world ranking of 1293. Although several US universities offered him scholarships to play Division I college tennis on their team, Rudy wasn’t inspired by the majors they offered and came to MUM instead.

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Practicum Students Conduct Over 100 Wellness Consultations

Campus residents are now a bit healthier thanks to the health consultations offered by students in the undergraduate major in physiology and health.

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Spring Detox, the Maharishi AyurVedic Way

You know how you often don’t feel well after eating out? Maharishi AyurVed advises to eat light for a meal or two, while sipping hot water every 20 minutes, to burn away excess Ama (undigested food) with our digestive fire (Agni).

Sipping hot water throughout the day is perhaps the most powerful adjunct to any diet and a wonderfully easy way to detox. Some like it hot, but warm works well. This practice literally scrapes the insides of your blood vessels clean. This works whether you’ve eaten something that...

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