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MUM Receives USDA Grant to Fund Local Small Business Workshops and Seminars

We are proud to announce that MUM has just received a $46,500 USDA Rural Business Development Grant! We will be using this grant to offer seminars and workshops open to local small businesses.

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Students Dive into the Magical World of MUM’s First Quest

Magic, dance, and art were at the heart of last month’s two-hour campus adventure. MUM Quest, a series of events based on teamwork, fun, and fantasy, involved over 80 students and fostered new connections across our campus.

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Tom Todoroff Workshop Inspires Fairfield Actors

There are three rules at a Todoroff workshop; don’t leave the room while he’s working with an actor, don’t use your cell phone, and have fun. “And don’t forget to take notes,” he advised, “I’ll tell you when to write things down.”

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Fairfield: The “Entrepreneurial Capital of Iowa”

MUM’s hometown of Fairfield has been called the “entrepreneurial capital of Iowa” by governor Terry Branstad.

According to the Fairfield Economic Development Association (FEDA), “a third of venture capital in the entire state has been invested in Fairfield-based companies.”

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The Birdhouses of Holly Manon Moore: “Put A Bird In It”

Holly Manon Moore arrived at MUM with a BFA in printmaking from West Virginia University (WVU), where she studied with renowned printmaker Will Peterson. While working on MUM staff, Holly was able to complete the art department core courses. “Everything I learned at WVU fell into place,” she tells me. Holly was the first person at MUM to mount a one-woman show in the Unity Gallery, and completed her CV with an MA at MUM in Education Administration.

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Olga Campbell: Capturing Gritty Reality Through Collage

Canadian artist Olga Campbell is one of my all-time favorite people and best friends. For this interview, we sit on the sunny back deck of her home, overlooking the English Bay and Vancouver’s North Shore Mountains.

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Business Students Attend Fairfield Entrepreneurs Association Awards Reception

The Fairfield Entrepreneurs Association held its annual awards reception on January 28th. This year’s event was especially significant, as 2016 marked the non profit’s 50th anniversary. While the FEA support all types of entrepreneurship, this year they decided to pay a special tribute to the intersection between art and entrepreneurship in Fairfield.
Tim Hawthorne, the founder of Hawthorne Direct, was inducted into the Fairfield Entrepreneur Hall of Fame. Tim is a long-term meditator and teacher of Transcendental Meditation. Over its 30 year span, his company has served many businesses...

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Taking the Mundane to the Magical: The Art of Tony Ellis

It felt too informal to interview artist Tony Ellis (full disclosure: my husband) at home in my pajamas, so we moved our early morning interview to Café Paradiso. After ordering a tea for him (a Brit) and a cappuccino for me (addicted), we start the interview.

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MBA Students Pursue a Safer Fairfield

As part one of our November-December capstone project for Organizational Change For Sustainability, students were put into teams and assigned projects to work on for the month. Our team worked with city council change agent Michael Halley to find out how to improve sidewalks in dangerous areas in Fairfield.

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MBA Students Create Organizational Change for Sustainability in Fairfield

Organizational Change for Sustainability class is the part of Sustainable MBA capstone project classes, and is followed by Sustainable Community Development class. Both classes are grounded in the notion of planned experiences that are related to work situations. This supports the goal of Sustainable MBA program to create authentic learning opportunities through a curriculum that matters.

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