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Maharishi Invincibility Institute Graduates Succeed in South African Job Market

Last December the second class of students graduated from the Maharishi Invincibility Institute (MII) in Johannesburg, South Africa. Ninety-seven percent of the graduates have found employment; in fact, MII graduates are quite popular among employers.

“Graduations are deeply moving and inspiring, and a number of the graduates and their parents usually burst into tears of joy,” said Taddy Blecher, founder and co-director of the MII. “There were 46 graduates, and the occasion was cause for much celebration, as most students were the first persons in their families to achieve a...

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MUM Partners with Peace Corps to Offer New Sustainable Living Master’s Degree

Students can now earn a master’s degree in sustainable living while also participating in the Peace Corps, thanks to a new partnership between Maharishi University of Management (MUM) and the Peace Corps Masters International Program.

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Maharishi University of Management holds First Colloquy on Deep Sustainability

Sustainability experts from around the country gathered at Maharishi University of Management (MUM) for the university’s first annual Colloquy on Deep Sustainability held June 19–21 on the MUM campus.

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Pavan Pidugu: A Leader in Retail Technology

Pavan Pidugu, a 2003 MUM MBA graduate, has built a strong reputation in the field of management and leadership in retail technology. As a senior manager at Walmart, he received the 2014 Innovator of the Year award for his efforts in trying to change the retail systems landscape for the world’s largest retailer.

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“Makers” and the Future of Sustainable Industry

In the coming year, the MUM Sustainable Living department will be launching a new class that will introduce students to the “Maker” movement and the growing culture of DIY (do it yourself) technology. Some might ask, “how do electronics, robotics and 3D printing fit into the concept of sustainability?”

When thinking about “sustainable living,” many of us visualize organic farming, natural building and solar energy. However, unlike the “back to the land” movement of the 1970s, the new generation of “tiny house” dwellers and organic farmers depend heavily on...

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MUM Alumna Brings Business Approach to Teaching TM

Mariam Daudi came to the US at the age of five with her family as a refugee of war from Afghanistan during the Soviet-Afghan war. After living in Pakistan for two years they received asylum in the US and moved to Kansas City, Kansas. Two years later they settled down in Upland, a suburb of Los Angeles, where Mariam’s father worked as a small business owner.

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“Rooted in Peace” Fairfield Premiere is Happening August 2nd

Blue Water Entertainment and the David Lynch Foundation are proud to present the Iowa premiere of “green producer” Greg Reitman’s latest documentary, Rooted in Peace.

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Listen to the Entire Colloquy on Deep Sustainability Now!

Last week we published an article that details what our Colloquy on Deep Sustainability was all about, but now you have the chance to experience the conversations from that event for yourself! Below you’ll find audio recordings of the entire 3-day conference.

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Music in Fairfield

Fairfield is a bastion of creativity due to its conscious focus, and this can be clearly seen in the creative music scene around town. Every weekend (and many weeknights, as well!), a stroll around the square will reveal a host of concerts and musical events.

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Benek Lisefski, Graphic Designer and New Zealander

I talked to Benek in late June, 2015, while he was visiting his parents in Fairfield. Benek graduated from MUM in 2005 in a Bachelor of Fine Arts, with an emphasis on digital media.

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