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MUM Inaugurates Journal on Mathematics and Consciousness

Maharishi University of Management has launched a new online journal, International Journal of Mathematics and Consciousness, with the goal of examining consciousness from the point of view of mathematics.

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Percilla Herrera: Women, Consciousness, and Health

Growing up in Lost Angeles, Percilla Herrera observed women around her and desired to help them grow healthier and happier. But it wasn’t until she came to MUM that she realized she could have a career doing just that.

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Watch Highlights From DreamChange’s First Annual Love Summit

A couple of months ago I caught up with one of the Sustainable Living department’s most successful graduates, Samantha Thomas. Back then, as the executive director of DreamChange, Samantha was in the process of wrapping up their first annual Love Summit in Portland, OR, “an annual event that brings together the business community and public to explore the missing link in business and sustainability education: love.”

They recently released a video with highlights from the event, which you can watch below. Love is the answer, always!

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MUM SL Faculty Member and Alumnus Talk Wild Edibles on KRUU FM’s Great Taste

Assistant professor Dr. Appachanda Thimmaiah (of the MUM Sustainable Living department) and Sascha Kyssa (of MUM Student Activities and Naturewise Academy) stopped by KRUU FM’s cooking show, Great Taste, to discuss the benefits of wild edibles and to prepare Lamb’s Quarters Pakoras.

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Out West: Sustainability On Vacation

Vacations are meant to be a time of rest and fun, a time to re-energize and discover new things. They provide the opportunity to adventure; to grow in new and exciting ways. A couple of weeks ago my fiancée Carla and I embarked on a road trip to have that kind of a summer experience, but we ended up getting a lot more out it than either of us could have imagined.

Beginning at our home in Fairfield, IA, we travelled across the US toward Santa Cruz, CA. The trip would be...

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“Introduction to Aromatherapy” Starts This September

Essential oils are nature’s pharmacy: the power, intelligence and generosity of nature concentrated in small and very precious bottles. In eight 2-hour lessons with Diane Malaison, you will experience many essential oils and hydrosols, and also explore the different approaches to aromatherapy. Classes will be taking place Thursdays from 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm starting September 3, 2015.

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Jaimini Boender: Outstanding Student in Mathematics

Jaimini Boender received the Outstanding Student Award in mathematics at the 2015 graduation awards ceremony. He also came in second at the 2015 MUM Knowledge Fair for his presentation on real numbers. Jaimini not only demonstrated depth of knowledge, but he spoke with confidence and enjoyment. “I thrive on a challenge in a group,” he said.

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Dr. Travis Cox Explores Philosophies of Sustainability

Dr. Travis Cox held a talk in the MUM Sustainable Living Center in conjunction with Doug Tuers of Green Iowa AmeriCorps, where he talked about different philosophical concepts that relate to sustainability.

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Self-Pulse Reading Courses Offered by Andrew Stenberg Starting August

Self-Pulse Reading is a profound “advanced technique” given to us by Maharishi for bringing greater happiness and well-being into our lives. Andrew Stenberg will be offering two Maharishi Self-Pulse Reading Courses starting in mid-August.

The two courses are the Self-Pulse Reading Introductory Course, which will be meeting on Monday evenings beginning August 24 for eight weeks, and the Self-Pulse Reading Refresher Course Part 3, which will be meeting Wednesday evenings beginning August 19 for eight weeks.

All classes will be in Dalby Hall from 7:45 pm...

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Monica Moscovici: Making Campus More Sustainable Through Composting

Monica Moscovici spends her evenings measuring, recording, and transporting food waste from the MUM Food Service to the MUM Organic Farms, where it gets converted into compost. She also documents every step of the process to prove that it is not only sustainable, but financially feasible.

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