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Elsabeth Fikre Melaku has endured a difficult situation. But she has a dream, and thanks to MUM, she is now on the path to realizing it.

Born in Ethiopia, Elsa is the youngest of eight siblings, and was raised by her sister and brothers after they lost their beloved parents.

As she puts it, “I am the most spoiled and loved one. They provided everything for me, so that I don’t ever feel orphaned. The love and care for me was uplifting and extraordinary. I cannot thank them enough. I see the love of my parents in their eyes. We are very close and adore each other so much. My siblings are everything to me. All they want from me is to be professional, self-sufficient and brave. I am blessed because I am able to share this amazing love in my life.”

Elsa’s wonderful family in Ethiopia (12,500 km away)

Coming to the USA

With the encouragement of her siblings, Elsa applied for the U.S. DV lottery, because she believed that living in America might bring more opportunities for fulfillment in life.

Elsa came to Alexandria, Virginia, where she studied diligently, and became a certified pharmacy technician, Registered Medical Assistant, and got the chance to intern as an SSRS Developer.


She later moved to Denver and found work as a medical assistant and an SSRS intern. During this time, Elsa was inspired and motivated by her SQL instructor and internship opportunity to pursue studies to become a software developer.

Formulating her Dream Career

From her experience and exposure to the U.S. health care system, Elsa felt that she could contribute to the enhancement of this important area by becoming a software developer to help improve the day-to-day documentation and record keeping of patient information.

Elsa says, “I describe myself as someone who brings solutions. My understanding of becoming a programmer is inspirational to my inner call for development of the right skills needed for the achievement of this career path.”

Learning about MUM

A friend who also had a non-IT background was accepted to the preparatory track in Computer Science at MUM. This involves studying prerequisite undergraduate computer science and math classes for two semesters to complete needed coursework to supplement an existing bachelor’s degree in another field. With this preparation, the friend applied for the Computer Professionals Master’s program at MUM.

Elsa realized that this was exactly what she wanted to do to achieve her dream.  She is now well into her second semester of preparatory MUM undergraduate courses, and plans to begin the MS in Computer Science program in August 2018.

Life at Maharishi University of Management

When asked what she enjoys most about MUM, Elsa replied with this list:

  • The fact that this opportunity is open to me.
  • It feels right to be here.
  • The Transcendental Meditation technique makes me feel more connected to myself and my family back in
  • Ethiopia, provides clearer thinking, and improves learning without stress.
  • The support and encouragement from the academic staff and my mentors is wonderful.
  • The diversity of culture and people helps me realize that, “the world is my family.”
  • The delicious, nutritious, healthful organic food is enjoyed in family-like dining.
  • It feels like back home.


Elsa is grateful for the opportunity and the encouragement she has found at MUM, allowing her to progress towards her goals, which are: To successfully complete the Computer Professionals Master’s program; to become a successful entrepreneur, and a wiser women who inspires girls; someone who makes her country, family, and university proud; and to become a mother!

Advice for Others

“Come here where it feels right to be. Join this university and achieve your dream with lots of support and love,” advises Elsa.

Those of us who live and work at Maharishi University of Management, find great joy and satisfaction in assisting Elsa and many others around the world in achieving their profound life goals.


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