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Magic, dance, and art were at the heart of last month’s two-hour campus adventure. MUM Quest, a series of events based on teamwork, fun, and fantasy, involved over 80 students and fostered new connections across our campus.

The first ever MUM Quest involved more than 80 students and involved traveling around campus and the neighboring community

Modeled after Harry Potter’s Triwizard Tournament, the Quest plunged students into a magical realm for two hours, during which the teams worked together to save Fairfield.

“It’s an opportunity to come together, work together, and create an identity together,” said planner Haley Spitzfaden.

Planned by alumnus Chris Grace and student Haley Spitzfaden, the inaugural quest had six teams of students trekking across campus to engage in challenges & earn points in four different locations.

The quest began with an 8-minute video that presented an alternate history of Fairfield and MUM campus, based on a 19th-century diary found during the demolition of Carnegie Hall. It’s a history involving Freemasons, magic, ley lines, and a uniquely powerful energy vortex in Fairfield that’s in danger of being lost.

At the root of it all is a powerful imagination – and the creativity to realize that imagination.

“A goal of the quest was for the students to escape the ordinary world for two hours and cross a threshold to experience something magical,” Mr. Grace said. And that’s exactly what they did.

The purpose of the Quest was to re-enliven Fairfield’s ley lines by completing four challenges in different locations across campus. The faith challenge involved walking on water. In the art challenge, each team created a design on a canvas.

The magic potion challenge entailed thinking specific thoughts, which then caused a vial of liquid to change color. The dance challenge had students dancing in three circles in time with four drummers.

At the end, all of the teams came together under the pine trees at Waterworks Park. Here, they primed the ley lines, which were associated with mind, beauty, and faith. The students assembled their canvases together into a larger image of the tree of life, which incorporated the keystone from the former Barhydt Chapel on campus. Accompanied by music from bagpiper Tim Britton, the students performed one final spell from the diary to open the vortex.

Quest participants completing the final step of the Quest

After saving Fairfield, the students celebrated with a pizza party in the park.

“The Quest was the beginning of a journey,” said Cris Evergreen, Student Body President. “The first of its kind, it opened me up to the magic of what’s possible when we work together. It was light-hearted and fun. I look forward to seeing what the game masters conjure up for next time.”

The Gaelic diary will be on display in the student lounge in the Argiro Student Center in the coming weeks, as will be the student’s final canvas – a 20-foot work that will span the entire south wall.

This quest is the first of many, and the teams will stick together throughout the year. The team with the most points at the end of the June quest will win a trophy called the MUM Cup at a celebration in the student lounge in Argiro.

Team members can earn points through Quests as well as “side-quests” such as the QR code challenge, attending Student Congress meetings, and participating on the MUM App. The Green team has earned the most points so far and is currently leading the competition.

Published on: October 11, 2017