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Congressman Tim Ryan (D-OH) was interrupted numerous times by applause from a packed house in the Golden Dome of Maharishi University of Management as he detailed the far-reaching and unique achievements of this flagship model for Consciousness-Based education.

Spring-boarding off a proposal by physicist Steven Hawking that we must colonize Mars and the Moon, Ryan offered an upbeat “competing idea.”

Echoing the sustainable programs developed at MUM to advance human progress, Ryan countered, “I believe our most important mission is right here on earth.

“I say we challenge ourselves, here on this planet, to develop a global economy that works for all citizens of the world. An economy that creates opportunity for the haves, and the have-nots. Let’s challenge ourselves to create a health care system that actually makes people healthy. And that starts with prevention – a science that this university is renowned for.”

Referring to MUM’s pioneering programs in the field of Sustainable Living and Development of Consciousness, Ryan continued.

“Let’s challenge ourselves to advance sustainable practices that respect our planet. That starts with your meditation practice…we cannot disrespect nature if we know and respect ourselves.

“And let’s challenge ourselves to relentlessly pursue new directions and new approaches to create peace. And that has been the mission of this university since its founding in 1971.

“We don’t need more moon rocks to make life better, we need more honesty in our political discourse, more justice in our social systems, more truthfulness in our own lives-and more listening and learning from those we may disagree with. We don’t need powerful rocket engines to make life better, we need powerful tools to unlock our own human potential.

“And how do we advance all of humanity? The answer is not on the moon, it’s in ourselves.”

Of MUM, Ryan said that, “Your university is working to identify, implement, and bring to scale innovative knowledge and technologies that promise to completely restructure the way we educate our young, heal our sick, grow our food, and safeguard our borders.”

“Lead us to the next Renaissance,” said Congressman Tim Ryan to MUM’s 2017 graduating class.

For further details on the Ryan speech, visit Enjoy TM News.

Jim Karpen is a writer by trade, with a special focus on technology. He has a Ph.D. in English and studied the impact of the computerization of language. In addition to writing for iPhone Life magazine, he has also been writing a column about the Internet for the Iowa Source since 1994. He also edits and publishes the MUM Review.