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Maharishi Universityof Management

The MUM Office of Continuing Education is very pleased to announce that Raja Peter will be returning to MUM on June 29, 2017 to offer four weeks of new Total Knowledge courses:

June 29 – July 5: Total Knowledge and Physics, with Raja Peter and Dr. John Hagelin

Raja Peter presents Maharishi’s profound insights into the structure of Total Knowledge, the reality of Brahm, Totality, and Raja Hagelin illuminates this deepest reality from the ultimate findings of modern physics. (No class on July 4th.) First lesson is free! Learn more >

July 10 – 14: Total Knowledge and Supreme Political Science

Based on his first-hand experience over many years with Maharishi, and taking into account the perspective of Total Knowledge, Raja Peter assesses Maharishi’s huge impact in the world over the past 70 years, redirecting the trends of time again and again and easing the transition to the new Age of Enlightenment. (Raja Peter is kindly offering this course in response to requests from participants in his previous courses at MUM.) Learn more >

July 17 – 21: Total Knowledge and Brahma Sutras, with Raja Peter and Dr. Vernon Katz

A beautiful interplay between Raja Peter and Dr. Katz, during which Dr. Katz illuminates the finest points of Maharishi’s Total Knowledge, as presented by Raja Peter, from the unique knowledge and insights that came out during his conversations with Maharishi on the Brahma Sutras. Learn more >

July 24 – 28: Total Knowledge and God Consciousness

Raja Peter lays out Maharishi’s description of higher states of consciousness with reference to the framework of Total Knowledge. He then investigates more deeply the reality of God Consciousness from the perspectives of Total Knowledge, personal experience, and the inspiring teachings of the founders of the world’s great religions. (This course picks up where Raja Peter’s course on Total Knowledge and Religion ended last summer, although taking that course is not a prerequisite for this course.) Learn more >

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