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I spoke with Michael Hauth, a recent graduate of the BS in Physiology and Health at MUM, to find out what he loved about the program, how he intended to use the knowledge, and what drew him to this unique degree.

Physiology and Health graduate Michael Hauth

I asked Michael how he originally got interested in health. “Not in school when I was young,” he said with a joking smile. Michael then told me the story of how he found his passion for health and Maharishi AyurVeda (MAV). It all started with his discovery of Maharishi and the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique.

Michael started TM when he was 17 years old, in 1967. He was hitchhiking on the California coast and heard about a lecture by Maharishi in Santa Monica. He attended, along with 6,000 other people. Michael started meditating the very next day and has been regular in his practice ever since.

After he began meditating, Michael became interested in his own health. He became a life-long vegetarian and started shopping at health food stores. When he was 19, he became the youngest full-time TM teacher yet and started giving lectures on TM around the country.

He first encountered ayurveda in 1975 when he consulted with a practitioner about a mild case of fatigue. After just two weeks on a changed diet and ayurvedic herbs, Michael said he felt completely well. This experience sparked his interest in the ancient system of healthcare.

Michael moved to Fairfield in 1993 and was recently drawn to MUM’s BS in Physiology and Health, especially the MAV Wellness Consultant track. During his time in the program, he gained extensive classroom knowledge of Maharishi AyurVeda, as well as practical experience. Michael highly recommended getting practicum experience with pulse diagnosis, as he did, at the Integrative Wellness Center at MUM. He was able to check many peoples’ pulses in order to detect imbalances, and in the process worked closely with Vaidya (ayurvedic physician) Dinesh Gyawali, who has practiced ayurveda in Nepal.

Michael’s favorite part of the BS in MAV program at MUM, he said without hesitation, was the faculty: “They were simultaneously brilliant and super-nice.” He added, “The students were top-notch, too.”

Michael has now finished this BS degree and is ready to start on a new journey: starting the MS in MAV and Integrative Medicine next fall. When he graduates in 2018, he will begin working on his personal goal. As Michael said, “I plan to talk to 10,000 people about Maharishi AyurVeda.”

To reach this goal, Michael will travel to major cities in the U.S. and around the world. He is already talking to Bobby Roth of the David Lynch Foundation about setting up talks.

Michael knows that ayurveda is becoming more accepted in mainstream culture but that people still don’t know much about Maharishi AyurVeda–a lack of knowledge that Michael will soon be addressing in the field with his passion and experience.

I asked Michael where he would like to travel first to give his talks. He said, “Portland, Seattle, any cool city.” Michael struck me as ageless — and on fire.

Ruthie Hutchings is a contributor the the MUM blogs. She did graduate work in English Literature at Emory University, holds an MA in Professional Writing from Maharishi University, and also does writing and editing for websites, magazines, books, and instructional materials.