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MUM alumnus Jaimini Boender

Jaimini Boender received the Outstanding Student Award in mathematics at the 2015 graduation awards ceremony. He also came in second at the 2015 MUM Knowledge Fair for his presentation on real numbers. Jaimini not only demonstrated depth of knowledge, but he spoke with confidence and enjoyment. “I thrive on a challenge in a group,” he said.

Prior to coming to MUM, Jaimini attended public speaking classes at Indian Hills Community College. In addition, he was one of two students selected from Fairfield High School to participate in the Iowa American Legion Hawkeye Boys State camp, a week-long training program in citizenship and leadership. At MUM, his desire to help others led him to work as a dorm residential advisor and later as residential director.

Jaimini grew up in Fairfield and learned the Transcendental Meditation technique at age ten. He chose MUM because he wanted to study in a stress-free environment. “I wanted the support for being healthy and the opportunity to have that structure for additional rest,” said Jaimini. “The daily meditation right after class was so invigorating.”

Jaimini set out to study computer science, but after taking a few math classes he was captivated. “I realized that math lasts forever, so I wanted my solid foundation to be math,” he said. Jaimini graduated with a major in math and a minor in computer science. He is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in software science at Eindhoven University of Technology in Holland.

Jaimini with his father Michiel ’93 and mother Luky ’93 Boender

In his free time, Jaimini has been active in sports, including running, weight-lifting, and soccer. He also plays chess and was president of the MUM Chess Club for six months.

Jaimini’s decision to attend MUM was influenced by his parents, Michiel from Holland and Luky from Guatemala, who are both MUM alumni. “I feel really lucky that I have parents who have been so supportive,” said Jaimini. “They are perfect examples of what it’s like to live a balanced life.” Michiel and Luky Boender were recognized at the graduation awards ceremony as outstanding parents.


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