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Experience the deepest values of an MUM education — and graduate in as little as two semesters

In this interdisciplinary degree program designed for transfer students, ​you'll discover how ​everything you study ​connect​s​ at the deepest level in a meaningful way to your own life​.

A degree grounded in consciousness

Through the Bachelor of Applied Arts & Sciences, you’ll gain a deep understanding of consciousness—through knowledge and experience—and how it enhances and connects different academic disciplines.

Self-exploration is at the heart of the Bachelor of Applied Arts & Sciences. You’ll take courses available only at MUM including “Transcendental Meditation” and “Physiology is Consciousness.” You’ll also have a selection of special elective courses in the humanities, social sciences, and business.

At MUM, self-discovery is not just an intellectual process. It’s the deep, direct experience of your own innermost nature and the underlying reality of life.

Making it easy for transfer students

If you transfer in our maximum of 90 credits, this degree will only require you to earn 43 additional credits, which can be completed in two semesters. For students coming in with 60 credits, the degree can be completed within four semesters.

Transfer students can inquire with their admissions counselor to learn the exact number of credits needed to graduate.

Dive within and find yourself

As a student at MUM, you’ll learn the Transcendental Meditation technique, an evidence-based technique that promotes inner peace and wellness, enhances clear thinking, and boosts creativity.

Mutually-supportive campus culture

Our Fairfield, Iowa campus brings together an incredibly diverse mix of cultures, experiences, and fascinating people.

In pursuing this program, you’ll see that our close-knit community of students and faculty will inspire and support you the whole way through.

Featured classes


The Transcendental Meditation Program


You’ll start you journey as an MUM student by learning the Transcendental Meditation technique, a simple, natural, effortless procedure. This course includes personal instruction in the Transcendental Meditation technique as well as follow-up sessions with a certified teacher.


The Science and Technology of Consciousness


This course will introduce you to our unique system of Consciousness-Based education. You’ll learn Transcendental Meditation, discover what we mean when we talk about “consciousness,” and participate in a 3-4 day base camp focused on team building and leadership skills.


Foundations of Physics and Consciousness


You’ll learn to see the interconnectedness between the laws of physics, the universe, and yourself. This class explores classical and quantum physics, the mechanics of unification and symmetry, unified quantum field theories, superstring theory, and much more.


Senior Project


You’ll tie everything you’ve studied together into a research paper, report, or multimedia project that interprets a current issue or problem in the light of what you’ve learned. You’ll work closely with a faculty advisor to choose, create, and refine your project in a one-month, full-time effort.

Physiology is Consciousness
In this course, you’ll examine how the brain constructs reality at every moment and how Transcendental Meditation can awaken your creative potential. This course includes public speaking presentations on course topics.

Quantitative Reasoning
You’ll learn how to assess numerical data to arrive at your own conclusion, as well as develop the skills you need to present this information to others. Topics include estimation, units and conversion, basic geometric concepts, ratios and percentages, and more. Note: If you meet all other degree requirements, this requirement may be waived.

College Composition 2
This class will teach you to use language effectively for many purposes, subjects, and audiences. You’ll focus on both exposition and persuasion, reading and discussing a range of prose models that reflect the diversity of thinking and writing across various disciplines. Note: If you have COMP II already, then you may waive this class and take any other critical thinking course.

Higher States of Consciousness
This course explores higher states of human consciousness as described by Maharishi and as experienced by people throughout history. The course examines the experiences belonging to each state, the developmental processes that culture each state, pertinent research, and practical outcomes of these experiences in daily life.

Health-Related Fitness
You’ll learn how to structure a daily routine that promotes lifelong health. You’ll learn about sleep, diet, exercise, activity, recreation, and how all can be balanced to create a healthy lifestyle. Note: If you meet all other degree requirements, this requirement may be waived.

14 additional upper division course credits from two separate degree programs.

“I feel MUM is REALLY constructed for the students and their personal development—physical, mental, spiritual and intellectual. I feel I have a great opportunity here to develop and grow on all levels of my being because of the supportive environment.”

— Nina Ziv

Sustainable Living Major

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