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"Look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself: What do I want to do every day, for the rest of my life?… Do that."
– Gary Vaynerchuk

Through the BA in Business Creative Entrepreneurship program, you'll learn from successful business mentors, have a Shark-Tank-like investor pitching experience, and develop the knowledge, training, and skills to get your venture started.

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Proven training, tools, and skills to:

  1. Identify a viable business idea
  2. Research your market
  3. Produce a prototype
  4. Test the product in your market
  5. Pitch your product to real investors
  6. Start selling to real customers

Guidance from mentors with multi-million dollar businesses

Creating a business is an involved and practical process. A traditional, hands-off business education alone simply can’t prepare you for the experience.

In addition to studying with our experienced business faculty, you’ll connect and work with mentors who have created multi-million dollar corporations, a unique experience to have in most university settings.

Pitch to real investors in a Shark-Tank-like experience

During the course, you’ll have the opportunity to pitch your ideas to millionaire investors in a Shark-Tank-like experience.

You’ll get the chance to receive start-up capital for your venture while learning how to pitch your product to investors and improving your skill at selling your product or service. Like on the real Shark Tank TV show, you only get funding if your venture is of interest to one of the investors present.

Hands-on learning in a one-course-per-month system

We’ve reinvented the way business is taught. Instead of listening to hours of lectures, you will participate in creative and interactive boardroom-style class sessions and workshops that sequentially build your knowledge-base and skill set.

These sessions are structured in an overall course system that is nothing like a traditional university course schedule. Instead of taking 4-5 courses at once and dealing with various assignments and tests, you’ll focus entirely on only one subject each month.

Successful world-class mentors


Dennis Roland


Mr. Roland served 20 years of his career as a senior manager with a large financial services company. During his tenure, he maintained bottom line accountability for the performance of investments under his control while providing investment, underwriting, and financial management services to international clients.

Mr. Roland also served as the Chief Operating Officer to multiple publicly traded investment companies, the Managing Director of a NY-based consulting company and business strategist to multiple start-ups.


Monica Hadley


Monica Hadley became an accidental entrepreneur at the age of 22 when her father’s death thrust her into the role of running Sunsprout Systems, Inc., a manufacturer and supplier for independent alfalfa and bean sprout growers.

Since then, she has been involved in the launch of multiple businesses in a wide variety of industries. Her current portfolio includes Aeron Lifestyle Technology, which designs and manufactures consumer products; SEO Design Solutions, which offers a Word Press framework; and Country Fresh, a nationwide cut fruit and sliced apple purveyor based in Houston, TX.


Jim Belilove


Jim Belilove is the President, Owner and Founder of Creative Edge, a highly specialized stone flooring design manufacturer. Jim also is a specialist in the development and operations of Senior Living Communities.

SunnyBrook Assisted Living,
Creative Edge Master Shop


Ken Ross


Recent President CEO and Founder of Genetic ID and Global ID, specializing in identifying and labeling genetically modified foods globally. Also launched the internationally acclaimed GMO Project. 

What students say

“My previous business studies seriously lacked practical work and experience, and it bothered me. When I enrolled in the creative entrepreneur program, I finally got the practical training and experience I wanted — it helped me to conceptualize and start my business.”

—Almar Meijles, Class of 2017

“It has been a dream of mine to develop a company that delivers itself as an entrepreneurial solution. Since enrolling this program, I’ve developed a business concept that facilitates and accelerates the increase of renewable energy. Thank you to all who have been very supportive in this process—it means more than you know!”

—Andrea Zapata, Class of 2016

“Hands down the best course I have taken here at MUM. One of the main reasons is that it provided me an effective way to learn, which was through experience. Taking a course like this combined with TM® helped me learn so much in a short amount of time. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in business or marketing.”

—James Young, Class of 2017

Featured faculty


Cliff Rose; Program Director


With over 30 years in marketing and brand development experience, Clifford Rose's primary focus has been on product development, expansion and support of multiple products, national and international consumer brand awareness, manufacturing, distribution and maintenance, and creative advertising for multi-media mix of radio, television, web, catalogue, retail, live home shopping and print.

Cliff created the unique Creative Entrepreneur program to share his passion and knowledge with young entrepreneurs. His primary goal is to help students create and sell real products, start real businesses, and bring in investors.


David Weisman; Assistant Professor


David Weisman is a passionate educator with a gift for conveying things simply and elegantly, and for involving students in the learning process. A skilled college educator, business person, creative marketer, writer and entrepreneur with experience and expertise in a diverse range of business and educational areas, David teaches subjects like principles of business success, marketing, entrepreneurship and leadership at the undergraduate and graduate levels.


Vicki Alexander Herriott; Professor, Chair of Management Department


Currently Chair of the Department of Management, Vicki teaches Business Law, Taxation, Human Resource Management, Mediation and Negotiation, and Environmental Law. She is passionate about helping her students connect the subjects she teaches to deeper values of life to inspire innovative ways to utilize their new skills and knowledge.

She is also the coach of the MUM mediation team, and serves on the Board of Directors of the Fairfield Arts and Convention Center, the Institute for Bio-Integrity and the International Foundation for Consciousness Based Education.


Scott Herriott; Provost, Dean of the College of Business Administration


Professor Herriott is our university's provost, and a long-standing member of the Department of Management. He received his PhD from Stanford in management science and engineering, and is the author of scholarly papers in the areas of economics, organization theory, and business strategy. He is also a leading scholar in the realm of sustainable business and has published multiple books on the subject. His most recent books are Feasibility Analysis for Sustainable Technologies (2015) and Metrics for Sustainable Business (2016).


Sabita Sawhney; Associate Professor


Professor Sawhney teaches courses in operations management, supply chain management, marketing management, and marketing research. Her areas of research interest include green supply chains, buyer-supplier partnerships, self development and trust.

She has presented papers at several prestigious conferences including Purchasing and Operations Management Society (POMS), Decision Science Institute (DSI), and Midwest Business Administration Association (MBAA).


David Goodman; Adjunct Associate Professor


David Goodman is a professor in sustainable business as well as a business strategist and business proposal writer with extensive experience in acquiring grants and investment capital.

He has been given an arts and convention center grant, Kauffman Foundation student internship grants, and a major US grant for a company in the telecom industry.

Professor Goodman has also done strategic consulting in the food, communications and entertainment industries.

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