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Maharishi Universityof Management

Visitors Weekend

A college visit like no other

Why should I come to a Visitors Weekend?

Discover how our students learn more with much less stress
Explore how consciousness illuminates each field of study
Learn why taking only one course per month is so popular with our students
Experience a campus culture focused on inner and outer growth
Meet people who share a similar set of positive values
Ask students anything about their MUM experience at our student Q&A panel
Find out why all our students practice Transcendental Meditation (TM) each day
Tour our Sustainable Living Center, which the Associated Press called “the ultimate green building”

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March 2-5 >April 6-9 >

What do visitors say?

 A sense of peace and connection among everyone. — John Crawford

 An incredibly friendly, open-minded, lighthearted, connected campus community. — Lincoln Taggart

 Being here has expanded my awareness, opened my heart, and connected me with so many beautiful souls. — Heather Perleberg

 How welcoming and truly kind everyone is, even in the town. — Yasmine Skaff

 I was affected by the happiness of students and the loving atmosphere. Professors are open and welcoming when approached. — Shaistah Jabeen

 I feel like this is my place, somewhere I would fit right in. — Zara Colazio

What is the registration fee?

$35 for each visitor. This charge covers:

  • Lodging in our Visitors Center (single rooms for everyone)
  • Organic vegetarian meals in our dining hall
  • Transportation and admission to events on and off campus

Are travel reimbursements available?

U.S. prospective students with financial need can apply for a travel reimbursement of up to $350. To apply for this support, register for one of the Visitors Weekends above and then complete the online Travel Reimbursement Form before the Visitors Weekend.

Do I need to sign up in advance?

Yes, open registration closes at 4:00 PM Central Time the Monday before the Visitors Weekend. After that you can still sign up by calling our Visitors Weekend staff at 641-209-7040 or 641 209 6620, or Admissions reception at 800-369-6480.

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