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Find The Peace You Fought For

Come Home To College

Come home to Maharishi University of Management (MUM), a school that offers more than just a degree. At MUM, we feature Consciousness-Based Education, which means that we provide self-development tools and a learning environment that supports clarity of mind and your ability to focus sharply as a basis for academic and career success.

It’s a unique learning opportunity that also promotes health, happiness and well-being. We have a structured daily routine, which minimizes stress and maximizes your ability to learn and develop both intelligence and creativity.

When we say come home, we do mean that we have friendly, supportive students, faculty and staff, but we also feature a number of elements to make you feel at home with your learning experience, and with yourself in your new role as a student.

Come Home From Stress

If you have been in a war zone, or in the military at all, you know about stress. Call it Post-Traumatic Stress, or just plain stress due to being away from your previous life, away from family, friends, and everything that previously made sense to you.

The military experience changes every participant. Adjusting to life at home can be challenging because you don’t feel the same as when you left. Some people, of course, have lost the ability to feel anything.

Even if your situation is not that severe, you probably have a lot that you’d like to put behind you. You may not be able to forget everything that you’ve been through, and you may not want to, since some of it was amazing, with powerful camaraderie and a sense of purpose.

But the stress you probably have picked up along the way can inhibit your ability to adjust to your new reality at home, and to feel fully alive again. That’s where our next point comes in.

Come Home To Yourself

First of all, all students, faculty and staff learn and practice the Transcendental Meditation® technique, which has been shown to be deeply effective in reducing stress and anxiety along with substantially reducing symptoms of PTSD.

Many veterans find that the TM® program helps them dissolve and move on from deep-rooted stresses that otherwise hamper their performance in both life and classroom situations.

The TM® technique is easy and enjoyable to practice, and has been shown in numerous studies to improve all aspects of life.

At Home With the Routine

Just because you are home doesn’t mean that you don’t value discipline and focus. The daily schedule at MUM is structured and disciplined, with clear schedules for study, rest and recreation.

We teach on a Block System, which means you only take one course at a time. With this system, learning is more efficient and you can go more deeply into, comprehend and remember each course of study better than when you are juggling several courses at a time. There is also no finals week, which is a lot less stressful.

In addition, you will enjoy your fellow student peers, since, even though many have not had military experience, are focused, alert, purposeful and engaged. The TM technique supports clarity of mind and energy, and you will find yourself in the middle of a bunch of active, energetic, and ambitious students.

You’ll feel right at home.

Home Is Where You Feel Comfortable

Most schools focus on teaching information, but not so much on growing the student. Our approach enables you to expand your consciousness, that is, your actual level of alertness, so you will more easily absorb academic information.

MUM professors support this approach by doing more in class and limiting the amount of homework. This gives students the opportunity to get proper rest at night so that they can come back to class feeling fresh and rested.

Good, fresh food is also important to support overall health. Our dining hall serves organic food, and a large portion is locally grown for maximum nutrition.

Home is a place where you feel comfortable, nourished and welcomed. At Maharishi University of Management you have the best tools possible to feel right at home with studying, learning, and yourself.

Videos of our Veterans

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Life after the military

"I've only been out of the military about a month…” Sgt. Supriya Vidic, U.S.Army, describes MUM.

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MUM Veteran: “My thirst for life came back”

Spec. David George (U.S. Army) talks about his experience with PTSD, TM, and MUM.

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Advice from Veterans at MUM

Capt. Gene Hunt, Sgt. Supriya Vidic, Spec. David George. 3 Vets give their advice on going back to college.

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