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Maharishi Universityof Management

Student Support Services

Student Support Services offers consultation, resources, mediation and advocacy to help students resolve issues for their own growth and the growth of the University.

Our sincere desire is to help students feel more comfortable and happy with all aspects of their lives here at MUM. Whether you have personal or academic issues, questions about policy or procedure, or need information about resources on or off campus, we are here to listen with respect and compassion — and to collaborate with you to find solutions. Please feel free to come talk privately with us about any questions or concerns.


  • Providing one-on-one or group consultation and referrals for students seeking guidance to resolve academic and personal issues
  • Connecting students with appropriate campus and community resources
  • Serving as consultants to faculty, staff, and administrators regarding student needs and related issues
  • Accompanying students to meet with faculty and/or student support meetings

Student Support Counselors

  • Leslie Doyle, Associate Co-Director
    Dreier Building, Room 105A
    Phone: 641-919-7699

  • Sascha Kyssa, Associate Co-Director
    Dreier Building, Room 105A
    Phone: 641-919-2968

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