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First Semester for Undergraduates at MUM

If you are enrolling as an undergraduate student, below is a summary of your first semester at MUM, as well as additional degree requirements you should keep in mind. As you know, all MUM courses are on the block system, one course at a time, each approximately one month.

New Student Orientation and Welcome

During the week before classes begin, new students will be welcomed by the University including your fellow students, faculty, residence hall leaders, and student government. During orientation week you will also register for classes, meet with the campus nurse, register vehicles, and take your math and writing placement tests. You will find important orientation dates in your acceptance letter, and can view the complete welcome and orientation schedule on our website. Also, feel free to contact your admissions counselor anytime to receive more information.

First Course: Science and Technology of Consciousness (STC)

This highly interactive course sets the direction for your entire University experience. You will learn the Transcendental Meditation technique and explore basic principles of consciousness. If you already practice Transcendental Meditation, you will review the principles and mechanics of the practice, based on your experiences and questions. You’ll explore the full range of consciousness, from your individual experience to the fundamental field that underlies all of life—and you’ll see how this underlying field is developed through Consciousness-Based Education.

This course is immersive, and introduces many profound perspectives that are useful in understanding your own potential for personal and intellectual growth, while also providing an intellectual and experiential basis for a more profound grasp of every field of study. Taking this class gives you the basis for great success in both your class time at MUM and in your subsequent profession.

STC also includes a four-day retreat, called Base Camp, which takes place at the beautiful Current River wilderness area in Missouri’s Ozark Mountains. All first-year undergraduates attend Base Camp, as well as selected faculty and staff. The trip includes canoeing, hiking, and other activities, and emphasizes cooperation, learning outdoor skills, and having fun. Students entering in January have a winter Base Camp retreat in Iowa featuring skiing and ice skating. Base camp is not required for those with family or health concerns.

Second Course: Critical and Creative Thinking Seminar (CCTS)

In the next block, you will take a seminar that develops your critical and creative thinking skills, through studying a disciple of your choice. You’ll also begin to learn the unique technical vocabulary and types of evidence this discipline uses to evaluate knowledge. These seminars are writing intensive (and often reading intensive as well). Analytical writing and classroom discussions and exercises promote deep thinking about the topics you’re exploring. Seminar enrollments are capped at 15 students. Almost every academic department offers a CCTS, and these seminars can count towards your major requirements.

Find further information on CCT Seminars, and a list of sample course offerings. You can also consult our complete class schedule online to search for upcoming CCT Seminars—ask your admissions counselor if you need guidance!

Third Course

For fall entry, we recommend that new undergraduates enroll in a course of their choice, either within their major requirements, distribution requirements, or an elective. You can consult our course schedule online for options. As their third course, students are also welcome to enroll in the required course Foundations of Physics and Cosmology: Discovery of the Unified Field and its Practical Application for Perfection in Life.

For spring entry, you are encouraged to enroll in the required course, Physiology is Consciousness: Awakening the Cosmic Potential of the Human Brain. Taught by Professor Fred Travis, this course shows how the brain is created by the dual engines of maturation and experience — and how, as your brain develops, you see the world in more sophisticated ways. You’ll understand how stress, cell phones, caffeine, alcohol, and drugs affect the brain; look at the EEG patterns of different meditation practices; and explore scientific research on brain patterns reflective of higher states of consciousness.

Fourth Course

For your fourth course during the first semester, the options will be reversed from what they were for the third course. If you enter in the fall, we recommend you enroll in Physiology is Consciousness, and if you enter in the spring, we recommend a course of your choice—major requirement, distribution requirement, or elective.

Major Requirements

As a new undergraduate, you don’t need to settle on a major right away, especially if you aren’t transferring any credits. You can wait until your second semester to decide on your major, if you wish. All new undergraduates will meet with an academic advisor approximately two weeks into their first class, at which time you’ll plan out a potential schedule for your courses, in order to fulfill your major requirements. If you wish to receive more guidance on fulfilling your major requirements before enrolling at MUM, ask your admissions counselor, and they can coordinate remote academic advising.

General Degree Requirements

Along with the requirements of your major, you’ll need to fulfill other general degree requirements to graduate. Some of the required courses have been mentioned here already, and others include: College Composition 1 and 2; distribution requirements in the areas of humanities, mathematics, social studies, and fine arts; and a unique course titled Higher States of Consciousness. You may be able to place out of College Composition and/or distribution requirements, based on your previous college work. For more information, you can view our complete list of general degree requirements for undergraduate students.

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