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  • Read and sign this if you are a new student with dependent children

Academic Life

  • Block system
    At Maharishi University of Management you take one class at a time. You are immersed full time in each course for 4 weeks — and then move on to the next course.
  • Class Schedule
    Classes are normally Monday–Friday from 10:00 a.m. – 3:15 p.m., with an hour for lunch, and Saturday from 10:00 a.m. – Noon. During your first course, classes may be occasionally be longer due to placement tests, TM checkings, etc. Students with dependents need to be aware of this and make plans accordingly.
  • Class attendance required
    If you miss more than three days of class, in one block, you may be required to “drop the class” and lose credit for that block. Students must contact the professor before class if they cannot attend. It is difficult to make up missed classes. Not all classes are offered every semester; therefore, dropping classes may delay graduation.
  • Meditation
    All of our students and faculty practice a simple, natural procedure — the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique — to develop their creative potential and improve their quality of life. Extensive published research has found that this technique boosts learning ability and creativity, improves brain functioning, and reduces stress. For this reason, all students meditate each day for about 20 minutes in the morning (before class) and afternoon (after class). Students have option to meditate either in a group or on their own.You’ll also learn two simple but highly effective methods that will help create and maintain a balanced state of health:
    • simple yoga postures (called yoga asanas) for flexibility and mind-body integration
    • a simple breathing exercise (called pranayama) for enlivening your mind and body

Each of these is practiced for 10 minutes before meditating.

Housing and Transportation

  • Housing options are limited. Maharishi University of Management does not offer on-campus housing for families
  • Utopia Park rents trailers on campus: 641-472-9689
  • Off campus housing information:
  • Rental Houses in town are available through local realtors and private listings in local newspapers
  • There is no public transportation in Fairfield

Support Services

There are limited support services in our small community:

Parents with Young Children

  • Prospective students with dependents are invited to apply; however, it has been our experience that parents of young children, especially single parents, find it very difficult to meet the requirements of the student schedule at Maharishi University of Management.
  • Parents are responsible for providing their children with appropriate care and supervision while attending class; the University does not provide such services.
  • We are establishing a network for students with dependents. At this time, we have only a few limited resources available — please ask your admissions counselor for more information.

If you have any questions or concerns about these points, please bring them up with your admissions counselor.

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