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General Requirements for a Bachelor's Degree

A minimum of 128 credits of course work — including up to a maximum of 16 credits of Development of Consciousness (DC) — is required for students to graduate with a bachelor’s degree.

Undergraduate degree students can apply transfer credits to cover general education requirements, and electives, and up to half the course work in the major, for a maximum of 90 total credits. Transfer credits are accepted for courses completed with a grade of “C” or higher.

Within these credits, students must fulfill the following requirements:

Required Courses

  • MVS 100 or ED 101 The Transcendental Meditation Program (2 credits)
  • STC 108 or STC 109 The Science and Technology of Consciousness (6 credits)
  • Any Critical and Creative Thinking Seminar) (4 credits)
  • PHYS 110 Foundations of Physics and Cosmology (4 credits)
  • PH 101 Physiology Is Consciousness (4 credits)
  • WTG 191 College Composition 1 (may be waived based on transfer credit or the results of a diagnostic assessment) (4 credits)
  • WTG 192 College Composition 2 (may be waived based on transfer credit) (4 credits)
  • FOR 103 Health-Related Fitness (2 credits)
  • FOR 431 Higher States (2 credits) or MVS 202 Higher States of Consciousness (4 credits) or MVS 202 Self-realization, Freedom, and Fulfillment: Seven States of Consciousness (4 credits)

Additional Course Requirements

Forest Academies

All students are required to take a Forest Academy in each semester they are enrolled in at least three blocks of classes. Students enrolled one year or less may not miss any Forest Academies. Students enrolled 1½ years or longer may miss one Forest Academy.

Development of Consciousness (DC) Courses

  • MVS 100 Instruction in the TM technique (1 credit, first semester only)
  • DC 320 Development of Consciousness: TM technique (1 credit each semester)
  • DC 332 Development of Consciousness: TM and TM-Sidhi program (2 credits each semester)

All students will learn the Transcendental Meditation technique in their first course if they have not learned prior to arrival.

Optionally each semester, all students who have learned the Transcendental Meditation technique may enroll in a 1-credit course in Development of Consciousness. Students who have also learned the TM-Sidhi program may enroll in a 2-credit course in Development of Consciousness. Students may apply up to 16 credits in Development of Consciousness toward required graduation credits.


Completion of requirements for a major field of study, listed under Academic Programs. (A maximum of 50% of the credits in a major may be satisfied by transfer credit.)

Other Requirements

Grade Point Average (GPA)

Cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher


  • Completion of Forest Academy course entitled “Health Related Fitness”
  • Undergraduate students are strongly recommended to participate in four hours of dynamic physical activity each week and to request a fitness assessment each semester.

General Assessment Tests

General Assessment tests are administered by the Course Evaluation Department to measure each student’s overall progress. These tests are required both upon entry to the University and during the student’s final semester.

Placement Tests

Placement tests are administered at the beginning of each semester to determine which courses students need to enroll in to satisfy their Composition and Mathematics requirements. (If a student wishes to use his or her standing in a math placement test to satisfy the prerequisite for a course, that course must be taken within three semesters of the test. Otherwise, the test will need to be taken and passed at that level again.)

Composition Placement Policies

Among the most useful courses students take at Maharishi University of Management are the composition courses: Composition 1 (WTG 191) and Composition 2 (WTG 192). Completing Composition 2 is a graduation requirement for all undergraduate students.

  1. Composition Placement Testing. At the beginning of each semester, the Literature and Writing Department administers a placement test. All students need some development in composition, usage, writing and/or documentation, but some students need a little more experience than others in these areas. The placement test determines that. Students who need more assistance are placed in Composition 1; those who don’t, take Composition 2. Students who complete Composition 1 take Composition 2 afterwards.
  2. How to satisfy the requirement in composition: There are only two ways to satisfy the Composition 2 requirement: to complete the course at MUM (WTG192 Composition 2), or to complete an equivalent course at another approved institution of higher learning either before arriving or before graduating from MUM.

Mathematics Placement Information

The above information is subject to change any time. Students already enrolled at the University should contact the graduation director for their degree requirements. The content of this page was reviewed in April 2015.


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