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  • Co-owner and CEO of AboveGreen
  • Working for an energy company in Australia called Steplight
  • At Iowa State University getting a dual Master’s Degree in Community and Regional Planning and Sustainable Agriculture
  • Applying for the Masters in Education Innovation program starting this fall
  • Pursuing Masters in Sustainable Food Systems for AU in Mongolia, and teaching English
  • Owner of a Pie-baking Company in Oregon
  • New Morning Farm Apprenticeship (one year) wants herbal certification
  • Masters of Design Studies, for Architectural Historic Preservation at the Boston Architectural College
  • Account Executive at Kapost in Boulder, CO
  • Freelance graphic design, Fairfield, IA
  • Consultant for Radius Eco-Consulting
  • Served in the Peace Corps Paraguay Environmental Education program and worked as head technical trainer for the Environmental sector volunteers.
  • Director of Construction Administration for AboveGreen
  • Owns and operates a farm in Uganda
  • California Youth Energy Services – instructing youth on energy conservation and community outreach and education (will be a summer gig)
  • Asa Folkhogskola College in Sweden
  • Sustainably remodeling a house, and driving around in a truck fueled by veggie oil!
  • Director of special projects for the Sustainable Living Program, MUM
  • Warehouse Manager Green Building Supply, Fairfield IA
  • Lives and works in Toulouse, France. Tours with the music group Rock Paper Scissors
  • Permaculturist in Fairfield
  • Grad student at MUM
  • Web designer and yoga teacher in Austin, Texas. Traveler.
  • Whole Foods, Chicago
  • Soil Rehabilitator at an organic free range cattle ranch in CO
  • Co-owner of Galaxy Ninja, web marketing consultants
  • Director of Technical Services for AboveGreen
  • David Lynch Foundation/Techie
  • Seattle Urban Farm Company, installation manager
  • Grad School Appalachian State University
  • Pursuing MBA in Sustainable Systems, Bainbridge Graduate Institute
  • Managing Director of Earth Circle Sustainable Energy LLC
  • President, Renewable Energy Expert at Ideal Energy Inc.
  • Studying at San Francisco Baking Institute
  • Past: Working for Iowa Renewable Energy
  • Project Consultant for DreamChange, a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a better world for future generations, by building cultural bridges between people, societies and corporations. Also a freelance writer, green business consultant, and eco-fashion model based in New York City.

Feel free to contact us for more information about our programs (see our email addresses and phone numbers below).

David Fisher
  • Chair, Department of Sustainable Living
  • Director of SL Masters Program

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