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Deep Sustainability

Deep Sustainability

What is Deep Sustainability and how does it differ from conventional thought? Learn the pillars of sustainability and how these two schools of thought differ.

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MUM ranked the #4 Environmental Science University in the US.

MUM ranked the #4 Environmental Science University in the US.

Deep Sustainabilitysm is a new perspective on what it will take for human civilization to not only persist, but flourish. Reaching deeper than earlier practices such as efficiency and substitution, it calls for the radical re-design of entire systems from the most basic level. It means integrating all of the community components of resilience – the ability to adapt to disturbances – into a dynamic, holistic framework that is self-reinforcing.

Since students in the MUM Master’s in Sustainable Living program are trained from day one in these deeper perspectives, they naturally learn to build sustainable systems from the ground up.

This activity has real effects. By taking a more holistic and open-minded approach to solving our planet’s problems, our students learn to reorient current systems toward the regeneration and renewal of human society. By their very nature, such truly sustainable systems embody profound ethical and social values — and still achieve both economic viability and a higher quality of life for all.

Our students gain a natural affinity for such holistic insights, since all MUM students also enjoy [a program of] Consciousness-Basedsm education. With this they develop the most powerful of all resources: their own consciousness.

We invite you to join us in transforming the world from the deepest level. Learn more about Deep Sustainabilitysm here.

“Naturalness is the basis of effectiveness.”

— Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

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Fairfield, Iowa is the home of Maharishi University of Management and is a unique sustainability-minded community. Smithsonian Magazine dubbed it, #7 out of “20 Best Small Towns to Visit in 2013”.

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Applicants for the MA in Sustainable Living need a BA or BS in Sustainability, Environmental Studies, or an equivalent; or a BA or BS in some other field and one year of...

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You may fulfill this requirement by completing two years in the U.S. Peace Corps, or by conducting research in an area of sustainability that interests you.

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