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Deep Sustainability

Deep Sustainability

What is Deep Sustainability and how does it differ from conventional thought? Learn the pillars of sustainability and how these two schools of thought differ.

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MUM has been ranked the #4 Environmental Science University in the US.

MUM has been ranked the #4 Environmental Science University in the US.

Gain the skills and tools you need to implement
Deep SustainabilitySM in any community.

Deep Sustainability means:

  • Going beyond efficiency and substitution to radically re-design systems from the ground up
  • Creating deeply resilient communities, able to adapt to any disturbance
  • Promote individual and social transformation from the deepest level – the level of consciousness



  • Enjoy a unique learning environment that enables every student to thrive
  • Work on student-driven projects integrated into each course
  • Move through the course sequence together with other students as a team
  • Cohort system
  • All new courses, available only to Master’s students

It takes all kinds

In the Master’s in Sustainable Living we support all of our students’ passions. Whether you are someone who wants to create all-new systems or someone who wants to change and improve systems that are already in place, we can help you achieve your goals.


Revolutionaries tend to push boundaries and deeply question existing
human systems. They feel that trying to fix what they see as unsustainable
organizations is often a waste of time and prefer to spend their energy
imagining new realities and designing creative solutions to implement them.


Transformers recognize the value of existing structures and strive to work
at high levels within existing organizations and structures, creating change
from within. They enjoy tinkering with the complex puzzles that are existing
structures. They are energized by the challenge of learning to move within
the system in order to be in a position to make true change.

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Fairfield, Iowa, home of Maharishi University of Management, is a unique, sustainability-minded community. Smithsonian Magazine dubbed it, #7 in its “20 Best Small Towns to Visit in 2013”.

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Applicants for the MA in Sustainable Living need a BA or BS in Sustainability, Environmental Studies, or an equivalent.

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Learn more about the specific courses offered in the Master's in Sustainable Living program. The program courses provide a mix of knowledge based in Advanced Ecological Design, Social Responsibility and Holistic Community Development. Learn how to create a truly sustainable world.

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