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Welcome to Fairfield – A Place to Connect, Grow, and Learn

The Sustainable Living Department is located in Fairfield Iowa, an amazingly vibrant community of 10,000. Fairfield is referred to as a “cultural oasis” in the Midwest – multicultural, multitalented, and always growing, improving and innovating.

Ask any student or community member what there is to do in a town as small as Fairfield, Iowa and you’re likely to be met with a confused stare – what a question! What follows is a long list of exactly what there is to do here, and how many amazing individuals they’ve met since arriving, and how easy it was to connect into the community.

One former student explains:

“In a larger town you might feel that you’re getting a really broad sampling of experiences and meeting tons of people, but how much depth is there? There is a finite amount of people that you can deeply befriend, and only so much time in the day.

In Fairfield there’s a comfortable size, it’s not overwhelming; there is art, music, theater, local food, a farmer’s market, a great coffee shop, restaurants – all the things you would find in a big city – but on a manageable scale.

The people are what really make the difference, though – you don’t feel as though you have to break into a certain crowd or look very hard to meet like-minded people.

If you’re here, then you came for pretty much the same reasons everyone else did – you want to live in a conscious community where people really listen and care, you want to live with people who care about the earth and take responsibility for their impact, and you want real connections, meaningful friendships that will last a lifetime.

In Fairfield, it’s all here – that’s why it’s the best place I ever lived, and why I now list it as my home town on Facebook, because it is – it’s my home.”

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David Fisher
  • Chair, Department of Sustainable Living
  • Director of SL Masters Program

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