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Stretch without Strain

Green Hall in the Sustainable Living Building

Green Hall in the Sustainable Living Building

The Sustainable Living Department believes that academic rigor is important but not to the point of strain.

To achieve this we have a number of approaches:

  • Most important is the twice daily practice of Transcendental Meditation. This simple, natural and effortless technique releases stress and connects us with our Self. At the end of each day at 2.45 pm classes close their eyes to meditate together. This recharges everyone’s batteries ready for afternoon and evening activities.
  • At Maharishi University of Management we study one topic at a time, using the block system. This enables you to plunge deeply into a subject without having to divide the mind in several directions at once.
  • We do not have end of semester finals in the Sustainable Living Department, though some Professors will set a test at the end of their one month class. Also when you graduate there is an exit exam which is part oral, part written. This is to ensure that students have a good, broad understanding of the field of sustainable living.
  • Sustainable Living faculty members are careful to set a balanced amount of homework – about 1.5 hours a day to supplement the 4 hours of class time. We work with students to get this balance right.
  • Sustainable Living courses offer a combination of theory and hands-on. Theory classes have plenty of discussion and active, ‘brains-on’ learning strategies to keep everyone fully engaged. There are many hands-on projects and these are conducted in our machine workshop, biodiesel shed, greenhouses, gardens and elsewhere.

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A deeper green – the inner connection

To live green, you have to think green. That's the real environmental challenge: Can we get people to think green?

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MUM Students Build Adobe House From Natural Desert Materials

12 students built an Adobe House in a Texan desert in just 11 days using indigenous material.

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Why We Came to MUM

Students speak on the theme of "Why We Came to MUM."


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