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Raising world consciousness is fundamental to sustainable living. There are many solutions already available to solve the world’s ecological problems.  But most are not being adopted fast enough due to stress, lack of creativity and adherence to outdated paradigms. All of these blocks have their root in a lack of development of consciousness.timthumb.php86517

One approach to fixing this problem is to address it on the individual level, since, as the basic units of society, individuals are the fundamental instruments of social change. This is one reason why everyone on the MUM campus practices Transcendental Meditation®. Research shows that this simple, natural technique directly raises intelligence, creativity and self-actualization, which automatically restructures people as positive change-makers.

Maharishi University of Management is also committed to creating a more peaceful and creative world. Research also shows that groups practicing Transcendental Meditation can affect society, creating an effect of peace, lower crime and more progress. This is called the Maharishi Effect.

We warmly invite you to participate in this paradigm-changing approach to both personal and global sustainability.

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Green from the Inside Out: Re-connecting with Natural Law

Global warming, resource depletion, pollution: many forms of eco-catastrophe cause loss of connection.

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A deeper green – the inner connection

To live green, you have to think green. That's the real environmental challenge: Can we get people to think green?

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Sustainable School Building

This current sustainable living building is fun, its kind of been our little guinea pig building which I enjoy.

Feel free to contact us for more information about our programs (see our email addresses and phone numbers below).

David Fisher
  • Chair, Department of Sustainable Living
  • Director of SL Masters Program

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