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A deeper green – the inner connection
To live green, you have to think green. That's the real environmental challenge: Can we get people to think green?

Sustainable Living – A New Paradigm

The overall goal of the Sustainable Living Program at MUM is to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and development of consciousness they need to help design, build, and maintain sustainable communities at the local, regional, national, and global levels. We want to develop the next generation of leaders to move our world towards a more sustainable planet. Our program aims to give every student a broad, high-level education they can utilize in any area of industry or community service.

Holistic Solutions for a New Paradigm.

Sustainable living is rethinking every aspect of human endeavor in terms of the resilience and regenerating aspect of sustainability. Communities need to be provisioned with housing, energy, food, clothing, water, and social services. They need sustainable governance, banking, and economic structures. People in communities need meaningful employment, satisfying and loving human relationships, rich artistic expression, a culture that encourages them to learn and grow, and a larger sense of purpose in life.

Our founders created the Sustainable Living Program to develop holistic solutions for the world’s most pressing challenges. MUM’s Sustainable Living Program is specifically designed to integrate sustainability—environmental, economic, and socially responsible practices—with a traditional collegiate education so that students can harness the power of sustainability for good in the world.

Supporting the leaders of tomorrow, today!

Leadership is fundamental to our department’s spirit. Our community’s collective intelligence and energy drive industry breakthroughs that advance sustainability across the globe. Our SL program introduces you to a dynamic community of change agents, industry pioneers, world-class faculty, business leading alumni, and talented peers who work together to change the world from the bottom up.

Our graduates lead the evolution of sustainable wisdom by developing their own successful ventures, guiding established companies and organizations towards more sustainable futures, and bringing sustainable practices to the greater community and culture. Join our community of sustainable leaders, and you will learn how to create foster solutions for a better world.

Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives

Sustainable Living Vision

Sustainable Living Class Projects

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