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Multiracial Hands Making a Circle

The MUM Sustainable Living Community


A world based on the principles of sustainability not only changes how we build our homes, grow our food or use energy, but also how we treat ourselves and each other. The world is built on relationships and it is these relationships that create the environment; be they between mountains, rivers, trees or people.

Community is simply the relationships between many people, and here at Maharishi University of Management we value creating a supportive and nurturing atmosphere for the betterment of the environment. We believe that how we communicate with anything in our environment is both the first and the last step for a sustainable world.

Community Building Within the Department

All faculty in the department have an open door policy where students are free to ask, discuss and express concerns when they arise. In the Sustainable Living Department we have a community kitchen that all students and faculty are welcome to use at any time, two greenhouses and a large garden where students are welcome to grow their own food. We have a wood-fired pizza oven where students often make their own pizza with ingredients grown on site. There is also a bike shop within the department where students can go to repair, tune-up or even make their own bicycles.

Students meet regularly to provide inpute about the direction of the department and take ownership of their education by having their own Sustainable Council in addition to the MUM Student Council. These committees organize an annual Eco Fair where guest speakers, vendors, musicians and people in the sustainability field offering internships come from around the country to educate, learn and share about real world sustainability.

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Feel free to contact us for more information about our programs (see our email addresses and phone numbers below).

David Fisher
  • Chair, Department of Sustainable Living
  • Director of SL Masters Program

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