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  1. Final Essay Exam: Designed to assess student understanding of the core principles of Maharishi AyurVeda®. For the Pre-Integrative Medicine track, the essay will include questions to research biochemical pathways of modern medical treatments of cardiovascular disease, and another major disease.
  2. Clinical Case Portfolio: 50 patient encounters (including observation, student/client encounter with direct supervision and  one-on-one cases) where students demonstrate competence in evaluating the level of balance, causative factors, and AyurVedic pathology; and recommending appropriate measures to restore balance through stress reduction, lifestyle, diet, spices, herbal supplements, meditation, yoga, and other modalities of Maharishi AyurVeda®. This year we plan to reopen our campus health center, which will serve faculty, staff and students. Our students will spend one month conducting Maharishi AyurVeda® wellness consultations under faculty supervision.
  3. Internship Evaluation Form: Completed by on-site internship supervisors to evaluate competencies in compassion, personal responsibility, diligence, and teamwork.
  4. Standardized Tests for Chemistry, Physics, and Biology: Currently, students take a standardized exam from the American Society of Chemistry to evaluate level of accomplishment. Physics and biology faculty have structured comprehensive exams and are researching standardized exams that may be appropriate.

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