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Dinesh Gyawali

Dinesh Gyawali
  • Assistant Professor of Physiology and Health
  • Vaidya, Integrative Wellness Center

Vaidya Gyawali is an ayurvedic physician from Nepal that assists Dr. Jim Davis at the Maharishi Integrative Wellness Center. Together with student interns, they work as a team to prescribe changes in diet, daily routine, herbs, aroma therapy or  whatever is required.  Vaidya Gyawali has worked as an AyurVedic doctor in Nepal for many years. Nepal is the only nation in the world that recognizes Ayurveda as its national medical system, equal to modern medicine. Vaidya Gyawali saw up to 50 patients a day working for an Ayurvedic hospital. He also gained fame in the Ayurvedic world when he published a paper describing how to incorporate the Chinese herb Cordyceps into the AyurVedic tradition.


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