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Physics Minor

Add a Physics Minor to Your Math Major!

Note: if you are a math major, with physics you can apply the abstract mathematics you have learned to the world around you. If not, you can simply enjoy the physics.

It is said that, if you understand the laws of physics, you are halfway to understanding the world. It’s in that spirit — of physics as the basic core of many of today’s scientific disciplines — that Maharishi University of Management offers an exciting and comprehensive minor program in physics.


The physics minor provides a calculus-based survey of the fundamental branches of classical and modern physics, enabling students in other disciplines to appreciate and enliven the connection of physical law to their own disciplines, while gaining valuable training in scientific experimentation and problem solving.

Human consciousness as the foundation for the scientific method

The experience and the study of human consciousness and of its higher states is an integral part of the physics curriculum at Maharishi University of Management. The most creative physicists have always emphasized human consciousness as the foundation for the scientific method used in physics. More importantly, an exciting momentum has built up over the past 30 years, as theoretical physicists have reached several decisive milestones toward a completely unified theory of all the known force and matter fields of nature.

The Unified Field = The Unified Field

Inspired by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the physicists at Maharishi University of Management have discussed and proposed that this completely unified field at the basis of the whole universe is the same as the Unified Field of Consciousness, the experience of which has been recorded in the ancient Vedic literature and revived today through the advanced technologies of consciousness, the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programs.

Now, with the increasingly widespread recognition that consciousness is much more than a localized offshoot of brain functioning, the spotlight is even brighter on physics as a leading discipline in the field of consciousness studies.

Consciousness and Physics Research

That same light is also focused on MUM, now taking a leadership role in the field of consciousness studies, especially as we begin to explore the true potential of higher states of consciousness. Which means our physics program is in the exciting and unique position of being able to explore new territory – the rich and fertile connections between consciousness, brain research and the study of physics.

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