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Developing the Inner Dimension of Music — Isabelle Matzkin at MUM

"The source of music and creativity - the inner quality of music - is transcendental. It's infinite, it's holistic"

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Performance as a Spiritual Practice — Eugene Watts at MUM

"When you stand in front of an audience, something changes...." a founding member of Canadian Brass.

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Integration of Consciousness and the Musical Voice — Ann Mortifee at MUM

"I was really blessed to be born on a sugar cane farm in Zululand because my earliest recollections of music..."

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Improvisation: The Ultimate Art of Self-Expression — Paul Horn at MUM

"Everything is vibration, everything is sound...." the "Father of New Age Music," 50 albums, two Grammys. Boss.

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Consciousness and the Musical Direction of the 21st Century — Ed Sarath at MUM

"As our creativity and consciousness expand, we start to see the deeper layers, the connections."

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Drumming from Within: Drum Circle at Maharishi University

The foundation of MUM's Creative Musical Arts program is the profound connection between music and consciousness.

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Question: What is talent? MUM Music and Consciousness Symposium

"What is talent?" answered by Ann Mortifee and Paul Horn at Maharishi University's Music & Consciousness Symposium.

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Question: How do the creative arts refine our perception? MUM Music Symposium

Developing your inner creative potential through Consciousness-Based education.

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Question: How has meditation affected your creativity? MUM’s Music Symposium

Answered by Paul Horn: "To transcend is to touch the source of creativity and knowledge and energy"

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Question: Does improvisation use a different part of the mind? MUM’s Music Symposium

"A successful jazz musician plays from the same place that a successful opera singer sings from."

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Question: How do musicians play any note they intend? MUM Music Symposium

Answered by Ann Mortifee: "The ideal thing is to become a flute, over which the breath of life plays,"

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