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Maharishi Universityof Management

Filmmaking Showcase


Video & Animation Showcase

Got popcorn? Sit back and enjoy the show. We have compiled what we think is some of the best of our students’ work. But there’s still more that we haven’t collected, and we’re getting more all the time.

Featured Videos
Play (1:35)

Moon in Aries by Naamee Yisrael

A short video featuring poetry and music.

Play (5:03)

The Runner by Monika Dewi

A short documentary on Peter Mannisi.

Play (:27)

Life’s Young Spring, So Early by Marina McKay

A short but powerful film by Marina McKay.

Play (5:48)

The Love Doc Promo by Laura Muzzarelli

A promo for the upcoming series The Love Doc.

Play (:40)

A Game of Chess by Marina McKay

A short game of strategy

Play (5:48)

Dyslexia by Naamee Yisrael

A documentary about the struggles of being a student with dyslexia.

Play (2:56)

Birthday Gift for EG by Haiyin Liang

So touching, so sweet, so stop-motion. It must have been so hard to make this!

Play (2:26)

Genetic Roulette Trailer edited by Micah Salaberrios

If hearing the word "Monsanto" gives you the Heebie Jeebies, this video is for you.

Play (0:57)

Fruitface! by Ace Boothby

Wait.... Did I really just see what I thought I saw?.... Wow

Play (3:48)

The Meteor by Daniel Iwanicki

"It turned you into one of them, didn't it."

Play (3:57)

Expressions of The Self Series: Beat Da Feet Hip Hop Crew by Coral and Melodia Morales

speech, interactions, dance, beatbox, rap, music, street drumming, sky diving, graffiti. Whats your EXPRESSION?

Play (5:48)

Food Speaks by Nina Delicatess

THINK, What is your food saying?

Play (5:11)

Awkward America – English is Weird by Haiyin Liang

Q:"Hey how's it going?" A:"Go to school" Awkwaaarrd...

Play (8:20)

The baker by James Beuther and Matthew Johnson

The Caff will never be the same.

Play (1:28)

High Class Gluttony by Chamolie Thomson

High class indulgence never looked so.... wrong.

Play (4:30)


The story of a young man visualizing the union between three styles of dance: hip-hop, ballet, and aerial silks.

Play (1:23)

Creative Film Project by Michael Valentino

Michael Valentino does some camera tricks that make you wonder...Who says time only moves forward?

Play (3:27)

Keaton Henson – You Don’t Know How Lucky You Are

Sometimes the only way to answer a question is with an interpretive dance.

Play (3:55)

The Celebrity Happening

Filmmaking students stage an organized art event in Iowa City. A rapper comes up 2 min's in.

Play (2:24)

The Number 4 Video – Man in #4 costume

Take a trip with the number Four.

Play (3:27)

Little Ruckus ft. Lane Weaver & Dakota Phannin – #SHREDYRSELFCLEAN

#SHREDYRSELFCLEAN by Little Ruckus ft. Lane Weaver and Dakota Phannin.
from Tank Girl vs Cape Girl

Play (9:24)

Malek Salah- Part 1

Award Winning Documentary film about Algerian contemporary artist Malek Salah, directed by Amine Kouider

Play (10:33)

Les drôles d’amitiés de Sudevi

The story of Sudevi's friends as she decides with whom she should spend the day at MUM.

Play (10:06)

Tracker (Red One-short film by Coral and Melodia Morales)

Short narrative film about separated-at-birth twins and how their lives change on their 18th birthday.

Play (12:55)

The Time is NOW Ewessy: A Happening

A group idea and comedic project ties the importance of fitness, self-discipline, and time efficiency.

Play (3:25)

The River by Ted Walker

Care to take 2 epic mins to float down The River by Ted Walker?

Play (8:03)

Ojo Interno (Inner Eye) Shorter Version

A fast-motion/stop-motion video, featuring a mother's voice speaking an Inca prayer in Aymara language.

Play (4:37)

Josie Overmyer – Bloodbuzz Ohio

So Wade Koch Produced, Directed, Filmed, and Edited this piece. The performer, Josie Overmyer, ain't to bad either.

Play (5:44)

Exodus from Krynos (final version)

Animated short about one man's vision of our alien past, as told by his "higher self."

Play (4:19)

We Are Theo – Chapter 1

Award Winning film of a mock-heroic epic: A passionate but indecisive university student pursuing the greatest girl

Play (3:57)

Ninjatown Zombies – Stop Motion Animation

"I don't care how many men it takes, we need the juice for our solar powered Sun Destroyer!"

Play (9:01)

Wormtooth Nation Ep 1 Part 1

Award winning film: The first episode of Boothby&Thomas's web series, set in an underground city.

Play (7:31)

Space Adventure

Final project: "Inspired by Japan, Anime, Cheesy Sci-Fi, and everything I love about everything!" By Nathaniel Alex

Play (1:36)

Trailer Draft of the trailer of “His Pursuit”

Just a rough draft? Really? You don’t say.

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