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BA in Literature

Dive deeply into literature

Do you want to deeply understand the creative force behind great writing? In our BA in Literature, you’ll study literature and develop your own writing technique while growing spiritually through daily meditation practice and a healthy, low-stress lifestyle.

What you’ll do in our BA in Literature program:

  • Study a wide range of novels, short stories, poetry, drama, and non-fiction pieces from every important movement in writing
  • Become completely immersed in the study of literature by taking one full-time course a month with our expert faculty
  • Learn how literature connects to culture and indigenous arts to express timeless moral and spiritual questions

Learn about the transformative power of language

In our program, you’ll study the aesthetic value, beauty, and power of language and how literature can inspire spiritual, personal, and societal transformation.

You’ll learn how to approach literature as an active, perceptive reader—as a co-creator of meaning.

Study literature across the ages

Our classes study literature from the classical to the contemporary and cover every major movement in writing.

You’ll go beyond simply reading these classics and learn how to empathize with another time and culture through their literature.

One class per month with supportive teachers

It can be stressful to juggle five classes, final exams, and numerous research papers at once, which is why our university utilizes the block system to reduce students’ stress.

In the block system, you’ll be taking only one full-time course per month, giving you the time you need to fully immerse yourself in what you’re learning.

Additionally, our low student-to-faculty ratio means that you’ll get individualized attention from your teachers, who will support your intellectual journey as well as your personal development.

Transcendental Meditation and a healthy lifestyle

All students at MUM practice the Transcendental Meditationtechnique: a simple, effortless technique that has been proven to reduce stress, enhance brain functioning, and heighten creativity.

Our holistic program — which includes daily meditation practice, a healthy lifestyle, and organic vegetarian meals — means that you’ll feel less stress than you would at a traditional college.

Faculty profile: Nynke Passi


Nynke Passi is an Assistant Professor of Literature and Creative Writing. She started teaching at MUM in 1998, first in the former MA in Professional Writing program, then in the undergraduate Literature and Professional and Creative Writing programs.

“Whether she is teaching poetry, graphic narrative, or memoir writing, Nynke Passi is more than a teacher; she is a mentor, confidante, and muse. With compassion and care, she guides students in expressing their creativity through language–she inspires students to be bold, authentic, and honest.” According to Anna Maria Cornell, an MUM graduate.