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MUM Media and Communications GoalsDevelop the students’ ability to:

  1. Create media projects that communicate messages of lasting value by effectively:
    • inspiring, uplifting, or entertaining the audience
    • informing or educating the audience
    • supporting social advocacy, commerce, and the creation of a better world
  2. Master communication through the use of images, words and/or sound in such as way as to successfully convey the message, meaning or experience that is at the center of their productions
  3. Present their own work in a compelling and coherent way, and to show the same understanding and appreciation of the works of others in their field
  4. Produce, among other possibilities, artistic media projects that feature a strong narrative
  5. Understand the evolutionary nature of life and to appreciate the positive role that their work plays in enriching the lives of themselves and others


In addition:

  • Create a center of excellence for media and communications that enables graduates to launch successful careers within the media field
  • Establish a reputation for producing graduates who excel in their field

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