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Careers in Math

Mathematics is the exact study of abstract patterns and relationships. The objects that mathematicians study, such as numbers, shapes, operations, transformations, and relationships, are abstract and underlie all systems and all physical reality. Thus, mathematics is able to provide the basic language for all other sciences and has applications in every area of life.

Students who study mathematics at Maharishi University of Management learn to see the connections between the functioning of their own intelligence and mathematical knowledge. They acquire quantitative skills, problem-solving abilities, and clarity of thinking that provide a basis for success and leadership in technology-based careers.

Graduates of the program in mathematics are prepared to enter a wide range of careers or continue their education with graduate or professional studies.

You can learn more about careers in mathematics on the AMS (American Mathematical Society), MAA (Mathematical Association of America), and SIAM (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics) web-sites:

  • For resources describing just what it is that mathematicians do.
  • For careers you can enter with a B.S. or higher degree in Mathematics and advice about graduate study in Mathematics.
  • For some popular career choices in mathematics and for references to many resources on mathematical careers.
  • For an in-depth experience of careers in mathematics. One of the articles recommends starting with an undergraduate degree with major in mathematics together with a minor in computer science and a minor in some other specialty, like physics, biology, chemistry, management. This would be followed by a master’s degree in an area of specialization. Maharishi University of Management offers the opportunity to do this type of undergraduate degree.

In 2009 the top job in the US was “mathematician”, according to, a company that ranks the top 200 jobs in the US according to five criteria inherent to every job: environment, income, employment outlook, physical demands and stress. It dropped to second place in 2011, being overtaken by software engineer. At that time, the top five jobs were all mathematical. Even though Mathematician has fallen out of the top ten in 2013, many of the jobs in the top ten require a math background. The top job in 2013 is Actuary, which is math-intensive. In 2014 the top spot was back to Mathematician. Emerging areas for jobs are:

  • bioinformatics
  • data mining
  • materials science
  • computer animation and digital imaging
  • finance and economics
  • ecology, epidemiology, and environmental issues
  • climatology