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Maharishi Universityof Management


PhD Degree Requirements

The core PhD curriculum consists of 46 credits, which can be viewed here.

Upon successful completion of this core curriculum, students are advanced to candidate status and begin work on their dissertation proposal.

Upon successful completion of proposal courses, which culminates with the defense of their written proposal, students advance to the PhD researcher status and then enroll in MVS 701: Original Research and Dissertation Preparation.

The PhD degree is awarded to a PhD researcher once the following steps have been completed:

  • Presentation of the dissertation findings in a formal lecture with an open public forum for discussion
  • Acceptance of dissertation by the Graduate School and the Library
  • Certification by the graduate faculty of the student’s continuing exemplification of the highest standards of holistic development.

Postgraduate certificate Requirements

To graduate with a Postgraduate Certificate in MVS, a student must take the six courses (24 credits) listed here.

Entry Requirements

PhD Program

Students applying for the program:

  1. Must be practicing the TM-Sidhi® program for at least one year,
  2. Hold a Master of Arts degree in Maharishi Vedic Science (please refer to listing above for requirements
  3. Have at least one additional year of formal study of Maharishi Vedic Science, or experience in professions involving implementation of Maharishi Vedic Science, and
  4. Complete the PhD application essay: The purpose of this essay is for you to demonstrate your holistic and logical thinking.Please discuss this question: Why does Maharishi refer to the Richo Akshare verse as the master key verse of the Vedic literature?To help you organize your thoughts, refer to the translation of the Richo Akshare verse below from your Vedic expressions handouts, and read Introduction to Maharishi Vedic University, pg 170-185. Your essay should:
  • be written for an audience of other meditating college students who are not familiar with the principles of Maharishi Vedic Science
  • Be 1500-2000 words and double-spaced throughout
  • Include 3-4 quotes properly cited from Maharishi
  • Use APA referencing style. You should have a list of references cited, but you do not need to write an abstract
  • Define all technical terms of Maharishi Vedic Science used.

Postgraduate Certificate

For entrance into the Postgraduate Certificate Program applicants must:

• Hold an MA degree in Maharishi Vedic Science or an MA in the Science of Creative Intelligence.
• Be practicing the Transcendental Meditation® technique and TM-Sidhi program.

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