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The PhD in Maharishi Vedic Science is the highest academic and professional degree in the discipline devoted to the study of the holistic development of consciousness. The Department will, therefore, evaluate students not only for their demonstrated ability to undertake doctoral level academic work in the field, but also for the prospective student’s demonstrated ability to serve as an example of the highest standards of holistic development.

This program is for those individuals who wish to accelerate growth to enlightenment and become professional exponents of Maharishi Vedic Science. You will deepen your experiences of higher states of consciousness, gain a fuller grasp of principles of Maharishi Vedic Science, and refine your presentation and teaching skills. You may choose from four tracks:

  1. Reading Vedic Literature in Sanskrit,
  2. Applications of Maharishi Vedic Science to Society,
  3. Modern Science and Maharishi Vedic Science, and
  4. Research in Higher States of Consciousness.

For acceptance into the program, a student’s complete academic record and personal recommendations are also considered. Students entering the program:

  1. Must be practicing the TM-Sidhi® program for at least one year,
  2. Hold a Master of Arts degree in Maharishi Vedic Science (please refer to listing above for requirements),
  3. Have at least one additional year of formal study of Maharishi Vedic Science, or experience in professions involving implementation of Maharishi Vedic Science, and
  4. Complete the PhD application essay: The purpose of this essay is for you to demonstrate your holistic and logical thinking.  Please discuss this question:
    Why does Maharishi refer to the Richo Akshare verse as the master key verse of the Vedic literature?  To help you organize your thoughts, refer to the translation of the Richo Akshare verse below from your Vedic expressions handouts, and read Introduction to Maharishi Vedic University, pg 170-185.Your essay should:
    •be written for an audience of other meditating college students who are not familiar with the principles of Maharishi Vedic Science;
    •be 1500-2000 words and double spaced throughout;
    •include 3-4 quotes properly cited from Maharishi;
    •use APA referencing style. You should have a list of references cited, but you do not need to write an abstract; and
    •define all technical terms of Maharishi Vedic Science used.


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