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The mission of the program is to advance students’ experience and understanding of Maharishi Vedic Science and its technologies of consciousness as total knowledge of life.

Maharishi Vedic Science has its subjective basis in full development of the potential of every student. It also has practical, objectively verifiable applications in individual, social, and national life for promoting success, progress, and peace.

In the goals and objectives below, we indicate the connection of each goal and objective to the three main parts of the mission:

  • Direct experience (E)
  • Understanding (U)
  • Application (A)


  • To conduct scholarly research in the theoretical foundations of Maharishi Vedic Science, its relationship to principles of modern science (U), and the value of reading the Vedic literature for holistic development (E).
  • To document effectiveness of Maharishi Vedic Science and its technologies (U).
  • To document physiological and psychological correlates of higher states of consciousness (E,U).
  • To apply knowledge of Maharishi Vedic Science to one’s own life and to society (E,U,A).

Personal objectives

  • To enhance holistic growth of mind, body, behavior, and inner Being through practice of the technologies of Maharishi Vedic Science (E)
  • To appreciate the value of Maharishi Vedic Science and its technologies for development of consciousness, such as the Transcendental Meditation® program and an ideal daily routine (U)

Academic objectives

  • To analyze, synthesize, and evaluate fundamental principles of Maharishi Vedic Science, including their sequential logic and how they apply to solving problems in various areas of society. These principles include:
    • Veda in self-referral consciousness (U)
    • Each individual is cosmic (U)
    • Higher states of consciousness — the description, behavior, and physiology of each higher state (E,U,A)
    • Knowledge is structured in consciousness (U)
  • Maharishi Effect: collective effects of group practice of the TM and TM-Sidhi® programs (E,U,A)
  • To understand and critically evaluate key research findings on the technologies of Maharishi Vedic Science in various areas of life, and to master the fundamentals of the scientific method, including ability to discuss theoretical research questions using source documents in Maharishi Vedic Science (U)
  • To gain the ability to read the Vedic Literature smoothly in Devanāgarī on a daily basis with attention to correct pronunciation (E)

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